Zzzzz is the 25th episode of Alphablocks Series 1. In this episode, Z wants to march but needs a nap.


Z marches past N, A, and P, fast asleep. He shouts to them, "Alphablocks! Atten-shun!" They wake up...

n-a-p, NAP!

...and begin to nap again. Then Z falls asleep and ends up in his dream. He holds hands with digraph OO...

z-oo, ZOO!

...and a zoo appears. M joins in with them.

z-oo-m, ZOOM!

The zoo turns into a race track and they start zooming. B plays bass on a cloud. OO and M bump into her.

b-oo-m, BOOM!

Fireworks start flying and booming, and the dream ends. Z tells himself to stop sleeping. He marches again and takes a nap.

Another dream shows two Z's, who stick together. F and I join in.

f-i-zz, FIZZ!

Fizz bubbles appear. B, U, and G ride a bug. G jumps off while B and U hold hands with ZZ.

b-u-zz, BUZZ!

Disguised as bees, they buzz around. The dream stops when an alarm clock appears and beeps in Z's. Z marches again, but this time, N gives up. Z joins in with A and P and takes a nap with them.

z-a-p, ZAP!

They sound it out in their sleep, but lightning wakes them up. I joins in, too.

z-i-p, ZIP!

A zipper appears. S, N, OO, and Silent E come out and hold hands with Z.

s-n-oo-z-e, SNOOZE!

They start to snooze.

Characters (in their order of appearance)

  • Z
  • N
  • A
  • P
  • O (dream and real)
  • M (dream)
  • B (dream)
  • F (dream)
  • I (dream and real)
  • U (dream)
  • G (dream)
  • S
  • E (silent)


  • OO (dream and real)
  • ZZ (dream)


  • Nap
  • Zoo
  • Zoom
  • Boom
  • Fizz
  • Bug
  • Buzz
  • Zap
  • Zip
  • Snooze


  • This is the first appearance of digraph ZZ.
  • B, F, G, M, and U only appear in dreams.
  • This is the final appearance of Silent E.
  • O stays doubled and stuck together as digraph OO in this episode.
  • A, M, N, P, S, U, and ZZ only say their sound.
  • When B, U, and ZZ are disguised as bees, U's glasses are hard to see.
  • This is the only all-vowel episode where E stays as Silent E.
  • C, D, E (normal), H, J, K, L, Q, R, T, V, W, X, and Y are absent in this episode.
  • It's hard to see, but I is actually, for a really short split second, actually really going so fast, that it looks like I popped out of nowhere.
  • According to the alarm clock, Z wakes up at 12:34 am.


  • Z: Nap? There's no time to nap. Zzzzzzz...
  • M: Mmmmmm-mmm!
  • G: Geronimo!
  • B: Brilliant! Oh, bother!


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