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"I don't think I've seen Zero (character) before!"Four
This page is about the character(s). For the episode, see Zero (episode).

Zero, or 0, is a Numberblock who is made of no blocks. She is voiced by Teresa Gallagher, who also voices 6, 10, and 15.


0 has a black number 0 on top of her and has a foxy red mouth.

Episode Appearances

Episodes in bold indicate that she plays a major role in that episode.

Total Appearances: 13

Fanmade Designs

One design of 0 is nothing but the 0 Numberling as seen in the "Bitblocks" April Fools prank pulled by Numberblocks on Twitter, which is the closest we got to seeing the official 0.

A fan design of 0 bears a huge resemblance to 1, but is transparent, has no legs to resemble a ghost. He is like a father to the other Numberblocks and he is also called Nully. (Arifmetix's design)

Another is a large demon with black eyes, a large mouth, and a blood-red 0 Numberling. His eyes are bleeding. He would have been seen in a creepypasta.

Another is a blue zero/donut-shaped creature with a hole for a mouth. He has green limbs and glasses-like eyes, similar to 2's. (Gabe Sotillo's design)

Another is a ghostly Numberblock. He has gray limbs and no legs. He is wiser and darker than any other Numberblock. He is also extremely old and is called Zerro. He also continuously breaks the fourth wall. (TSRITW's design)


  • 0's quote ("And nothing more!") is a reference to 10's description of 0 during Season 2 (specifically the lyrics "I'm one ten and nothing more").
  • 0 is the first, and so far, the only character to have no eyes.
  • 0 is the only Numberblock who cannot shapeshift at all. While 1 cannot even make an arrangement, she can shapeshift, as seen in Hiccups.
  • 0 has the longest streak of absence, being absent in 25 episodes in a row between Zero and Fifteen's Minute of Fame.
    • This may be because episodes with 0 are either too simplistic and/or cannot be done due to the Level.
  • 0 is the only Numberblock completely absent from one series (or two seasons).
  • 0 can grab and hold objects without use of any hands, as the objects just float next to her.
  • 0 was thought to be male for a certain amount of time, until it was revealed that she is female.
    • A similar case happened with 11, where she was thought to be the second male Numberblock to be voiced by a female. Another case was with Blockzilla.
  • Interestingly, 0's proper debut episode is a Red Level episode in Season 3, while the debut episode for a 0 is an Orange Level episode in Season 2.



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