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"I don't think I've seen Zero (character) before!"Four
This page is about the character(s). For the episode, see Zero (episode).

Zero, or 0, is a Numberblock who is made of no blocks. She is voiced by Teresa Gallagher, who also voices Six, Ten, Fifteen, Twenty-Five, Sixty, and Sixty-Four.


Zero has a black numberling 0 on top of her foxy pinkish red mouth. Due to being number zero, Zero lacks any blocks, arms, legs, and eyes.

Episode Appearances

Episodes in bold indicate that she plays a major role in that episode.

Total Appearances: 15


Zero is made of nothing. She only has 1 arrangement.

Dimensionless (0)


  • 0's quote ("And nothing more!") is a reference to 10's description of 0 during Season 2 (specifically the lyrics "I'm one ten and nothing more").
  • 0 is the first, and so far, the only character to have no eyes.
  • 0 is the only Numberblock who cannot shapeshift at all. While 1 cannot even make an arrangement, she can shapeshift, as seen in Hiccups.
  • 0 has the longest streak of absence, being absent for 25 episodes in a row between Zero and Fifteen's Minute of Fame.
  • This may be because episodes with 0 are either too simplistic and/or cannot be done due to the Level.
  • 0 is the only Numberblock completely absent from one series (or two seasons).
  • 0 can grab and hold objects without use of any hands, as the objects just float next to her.
  • 0 was thought to be male for a certain amount of time, until it was revealed that she is female.
    • A similar case happened with 11, where she was thought to be the second male Numberblock to be voiced by a female. Another case was with Blockzilla.
  • Interestingly, 0's proper debut episode is a Red Level episode in Season 3, while the debut episode for a 0 is an Orange Level episode in Season 2.
  • She is the eleventh number to appear in Numberblocks, with the first ten being 1-10.
  • The digit 0 was introduced before Zero's debut, since Ten debuted earlier in Season 2. Plus, Ten says that she's one ten and nothing more, indicating her zero.



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