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Your Turn is the first episode of Series 7 of Numberblocks, and the 91st episode overall.


It's time for some bouncy fun as the Numberblobs take over the show.



Several Numberblobs are watching the Numberblocks from 1-10 sing "More to Explore". After One says "Your Turn", the Numberblobs are very happy as they can now have a turn. A Numberblob tells 1-10 to take their seats, as the Numberblobs are about to do a show for them. One says to Two that they may have started something.

As the Numberblocks sit down, the Numberblobs begin.

"Once upon a time, one blob fell from the sky!".

A red Numberblob appears, acting as One. Afterwards, two more Numberblobs appear with a cardboard Magic Mirror. Another "One" appears and adds to the other "One" to make "Two", which are two orange Numberblobs wearing purple glasses to act as Two. Afterwards, another "Two" adds to make "Four", which are 4 green Numberblobs with eyebrows like the real Four.

2 "Fours" add to make "Eight" (8 pink Numberblobs with a mask and tentacles like the real Eight.) They call themselves "Octoblobs" and they wave to the audience of Numberblocks. Three points out that the Numberblobs aren't going in order, as they are skipping out some very important numbers. Then 3 yellow Numberblocks, being "Three", appears, and copies Three's sentence. Three asks where their juggling balls are, in which "Three" responds that the Numberblobs within are the juggling balls.

The Numberblobs then stand in a number line in order. After that more Numberblobs show up and place themselves on the number line, as Five, Six, Seven, Nine and Ten. Then all count to 10 as well.

"And now, the Amazing Balancing Blobs"! Says the red Numberblob, acting like One.

The Numberblobs begin balancing on a scale.

"1 equals 1!"

The "Ones" add into "Twos", who are also balanced.

"2 equals 2!"

2 "Threes" appear on both sides. One of them adds with one of the "Twos".

"2 and 3 equals 5!".

Now, "Two" adds with "Five" to make "Seven", making it imbalanced.

"3 is less than 7!"

"Seven" splits into "One", "Two" and "Four". "One" and "Four" add with "Three" to make "Eight".

"8 is greater than 2!"

"Eight" splits back into "One", "Three" and "Four". "Three" adds to "Two" to make "Five".

"4 and 1 equals 5". They're equal when they weigh the same.

The Numberblobs then present one final act for the blocks, Triangle Numbers!

The blobs start to stack up together until we get all of 1-10 added together in Numberblobs. When Ten asked how many there are (there are actually a total of 55 blobs), the blobs respond with "Lots!", then hopping off the unicycle, while the Numberblocks cheer.

Nine tells the blobs how amazing the show is, and how there is so many new ideas. The blobs say that there is so much more to explore, and Two ends the episode, saying that they've started something big.


  • This episode is the first episode after a 2-year hiatus, and the first in the 2020’s decade (2020-2029) due to the absence in 2020.
  • This is the first episode released in 2021 where the Numberblocks from One to Ten, and the Numberblobs appear.
  • This episode is the 91st episode of Numberblocks, meaning that when this episode came out, Numberblocks and Alphablocks had the same number of episodes.
  • This episode gets its name from the end of the previous episode, where One says "Your turn!"
  • According to Numberblocks Twitter, this episode teaches "number lines and comparing numbers".
  • This episode reveals that Numberblobs can imitate the voices of the Numberblocks.
  • This is the 2nd time the Numberblocks recap some of the episodes of Season 1, with the first being Land Of The Giants.
  • The Numberblobs are recapping eight past episodes, it is as follows: Flatland, Another One, One, Two, Four, Eight and Balancing Bridge,
  • Not only does this episode teach "number lines and comparing numbers" it also has something to do with doubling numbers, and more than, less than and equal to.
  • On the scene where Ten questions how many blobs, the Numberblobs never said the total amount of blobs (55), mainly because this is an Orange Level 2 episode and this episode has 1-10 in it.
  • Numberblobs making a triangle is a reference to when 6 shows a trick with her Numberblobs in Fifteen's Minute of Fame.
    • This time the blobs made the 10th triangular number instead of the third.
  • This is the only episode that starts with Y.


  • When the Numberblobs begin to balance, they forgot to put accessories.
  • Numbers bigger than Ten have been edited out of the More To Explore ending reused in this episode; this may be a genuine error or an attempt to keep "Your Turn" lower than Blue Level 5.



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