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Why is an episode of Alphablocks Series 1. In this episode, Y wants to become a vowel.


The vowels, A, E, I, O, and U, sing in harmony, until Y shows up. E says this group is vowels only. Shy Y sings about his desire to be a vowel.

Why... can't I be more like U?
I... I just don't know what to do.
O, E, A, they all know what to say.
But I'm much too shy to even try...

Yes, I'm okay at the start
Of "yellow", "yo-yo", or "yacht"
But I'd like to be heard at the end of a word
And I'm trying to be something I'm not

T and R appear to tell Y that all he has to do is tr... But they need a vowel. The five vowels show up.

/t/-/ɹ/-/æ/, TRA!

/t/-/ɹ/-/ɛ/, TRE!

/t/-/ɹ/-/ɒ/, TRO!

It doesn't work. I and U refuse to help them, but Y can do it.

/t/-/ɹ/-/aɪ/, TRY!

Y becomes striped like the vowels, much to their surprise.

/aɪ/-/aɪ/-/aɪ/-/aɪ/-/aɪ/-/aɪ/ I can do it!
/aɪ/-/aɪ/-/aɪ/-/aɪ/-/aɪ/-/aɪ/, not too shy!
/aɪ/-/aɪ/-/aɪ/-/aɪ/-/aɪ/-/aɪ/, I'm so happy I could cry!
I feel like I could fly, up into the...
I: I get the idea!

The episode ends when Y sings harmonically with the vowels.

Characters (in their order of appearance)

  • A
  • E
  • I
  • O
  • U
  • H (fantasy)
  • G (fantasy)
  • W (fantasy)
  • N (fantasy)
  • P (fantasy)
  • T (fantasy and real)
  • L (fantasy and real)
  • C (fantasy and real)
  • H (fantasy and real)
  • F (fantasy and real)
  • R
  • S
  • K
  • Y


  • LL (fantasy)
  • OW (fantasy)
  • SH


  • Hug (fantasy)
  • Win (fantasy)
  • Pot (fantasy)
  • Pet (fantasy)
  • Pat (fantasy)
  • Yellow (fantasy)
  • Yacht (fantasy)
  • Tra (nonsense word)
  • Tre (nonsense word)
  • Tro (nonsense word)
  • Try
  • Shy
  • Cry
  • Fly
  • Sky


  • Song: Why?
  • Consonants C, F, G, H, K, L, N, P, R, S, T and W make a cameo in this episode. Some were only shown in the dream.
  • A, E, I, O, and U's pyjamas used in Lips look like the outfits they wore in this episode, sans the hats.
  • This is the only time we see Y in his hat and shirt.
  • E's only spoken line is "Sorry, this group is vowels only."
  • U's only spoken line is "Uh? U called?"
  • A's line is only her sound. It was heard 3 times.
  • B, D, J, M, Q, V, X, and Z are absent in this episode.
  • This was the first episode where a nonsense word is sounded out. It was done 3 times.
  • If the Vowelblocks were in rainbow order, they'd be E-O-Y-A-U-I.
  • Y can also make an "ee" (/i/ as in "shiny") or "i" (/ɪ/ as in "symbol") sound.
  • I refused to make a nonsense word because if she did, the word would have said "tri" (a prefix for "three" which can sound like "try" or "tree").

Nonsense Words


At first, we didn't know what they mean. However, according to Mr. Yokai:

"Definition of tra-la. —used to suggest gaiety, lightheartedness, or playful derision especially in song."

It also means "between" in Italian.


According to Mr. Yokai:

"Definition of tre corde. : with soft pedal released —used as a direction in piano music at the close of a passage una corda."

Tre means "town" in Welsh, and "three" in several other languages (including Italian, Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish).


The word for "turn" in Welsh.

Also the word for "believe" in Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish.