Who Has More? is a Numberblocks Song.


If I've got one bun, and you've got two buns, then you've got more buns than me!

And I add two buns, two brand new buns, then I've got three buns, that's more buns than your buns, you see!

Cos Two is one more than One!

And Three is one more than Two!

So I've got more buns, than You!

If you add 2 buns, then you've got 4 buns, and Four is more than my Three!

So I add 2 buns, then you've too few buns, cos I have Five buns, that's more buns than Four buns to you! Tee-hee!

Cos Four is one more than Three!

And Five is one more than Four!

So I've got more buns, once more!

When I eat one I'll have 4 like you, then we'll be both the same!

But I've had 1 bun, and you've had none, Oh, this is a difficult game, so,

I'll give you 1 bun, now you have 5 buns, and I will be happy with Three!

Cos sharing's a done thing, this is a fun thing, the one thing we can agree!

We both like eating buns, for tea!


  • The Cat from "Cat", and the Dog from the same episode and "Pen" appear as the main characters of this song.
    • It is presumed that the dog sings the song.
  • This song is the shorter, song version of "Blockzilla", as they both teach about comparing different values.

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