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The What-Iffer (also spelt What-Ifer) is a magical glowing orb that will appear if someone (In the end bit of Twoland's case, sometwo) asks, "What if [Question]?” and it will answer the said question, or will imagine it.

It appears in Twoland and appears again in What If?. It is voiced by Paul Kissaun.


When someone asks a "what if?" question, the What-Iffer will imagine a world (as seen in "What If?") where that situation is true. The What-Iffer itself can also imagine different dimensions inside itself (as shown in Twoland).


  • It is the second character without a complete face; the first is Zero, who has only a mouth.
  • It only appeared twice in Numberblocks' eight-season run: its debut in Twoland, and its return in What If?