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"I don't think I've seen What’s My Number? (game show) before!"Four
This page is about the game show. For the episode, see What's My Number?.

What’s My Number? is a game show in Numberland owned by Six.

"Welcome to What's My Number?, the game show where we don't count, we see the amount!"

Gameshow Rules

You have to guess the number shown without counting. There are four rounds.

For the first three rounds, a door will open and it will show how many blocks are filled in.

If you answered, the Numberblock in the door will be revealed.

If you get one correct, two stars lights up on the board.

And for the fourth round, a Numberblock's home will be shown on a screen, and you have to guess whose home is on the screen with only 8 seconds to answer. There are clues in the room like how many things are there.

Four stars will light if you get the fourth round correct.

If you get all ten stars lighted up, you win the game!

Episode Appearances

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