W is the 23rd letter in the Alphablock gang.

W is voiced by Lizzie Waterworth in the UK.

When hurt, W starts crying, producing his sound.


He is a dark blue block with water in his "hat".


W is weepy, often wailing loudly if he gets hurt or upset.


  • Alphablocks (first appearance)
  • Why (cameo)
  • Glow
  • Party 
  • Race
  • Alphalympics (sound only)
  • Sail (cameo)
  • Fox
  • Hide
  • Quiet (no solo lines)
  • Jaybird
  • Box (does not speak)
  • Web
  • Wig
  • Rainbow (sound only)
  • On (sound only)
  • ABC
  • Snowman
  • Win
  • Champ (sound only)
  • Train
  • Beep 
  • Book (sound only) 
  • How Now, Brown Cow 
  • Four  
  • Alphabet
  • Name (sound only)
  • Blue
  • Outlaw
  • Birthday Girl
  • Cowboy (last appearance)


  • He's the only Alphablock whose top is filled with water.
  • He's also the only Alphablock whose name is more than 1 syllable (double-u).

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