Van is an episode of Series 2. 


J wants to fly. V goes very fast. N doesn't think J can fly. A drops in.

v-a-n, VAN!

A van appears to take J to find someone to help her fly. V and A come along, but N refuses. First they stop at O and G. J asks them if they can help J fly.

j-o-g, JOG!

J, O, and G go for a jog, but it's not flying. I comes by.

j-i-g, JIG!

J, I, and G dance a jig, but it's not flying either. They bump into U.

j-u-g, JUG!

J, U, and G end up in a jug. The jug flips over and out they come. J flaps her arms on the way out, but doesn't fly. Next, the van stops at E and T. J doesn't want to ask them if they can help her fly, but V manages.

v-e-t, VET!

V is a vet. He brings J next to E and T.

j-e-t, JET!

A jet appears. A, E, J, and T jump aboard as V races them. The jet flies to the sunset as the episode ends.


  • Song: A Way For J to Fly
  • E, G, and I only say their sound in this episode.
  • U says "Unbelievable! Who turned the lights off?" again in the previous episode Glow.
  • In the game version, when you click on the words, they stay mute.

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