I had to.

Lyrics (Because.)

Spooky scary Twenty-One

sends shivers down your spine

Two-digit numbers will put you in a blunder and

seal your doom tonight

Spooky scary Twenty-One

Four speaks with such a screech (EEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHH)

You’d think that he can’t multiply

when you hear the letters shriek

We’re so sorry, Twenty-One,

you could’ve gone to prime heaven

You thought you just have two factors

but you’re also three times seven

‘cause spooky scary Twenty-One

turns spiders into tanglers

he’s 1+2+3+4+5+6

in other words, he’s triang’lar

Digits supernatural

they’re small, so what’s the fuss

but he is not a perfect square

it’s semi serious

‘cause spooky scary Twenty-One

is half of Forty-Two

So he is only fifty percent

of the answer to know you

Long division may harm your vision

it’ll seldom let you snooze

‘cause the spooky scary twenty-first

letter is... U!

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