Otherwise known as "One Beautiful World and One Year".

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1.1 birds. Hello bird!

Hello before 1.1, fa!

1 beautiful world and 1 year!

Good afternoon, ant!

Hello, bee!

1 beautiful world and 1 year!

If you expect 1, you can not go wrong.

Count 1 never lasts for a long time.

You do not have to live

If you have a finger

After the start, 1!

1.1 birds.

1.1 fa

1.1 years

1.1 bees

Beautiful Worlds 1.1 and 1 year.

1 day in the sky

1 ship in the sea

1 amazing world and 1 year.

Paris in prison

1 Chimpanzee surfing?

1 amazing world and 1 year.

1.1 days


1, Whales

1.1 chimpanzees.

1 amazing world and 1 year.

When you start counting, I have the right amount of money.

I am in front.

You can count me, I'm millions.

I am a person!

Oh, a blanket.

1.1 baskets

Uh oh!

1.1 apples!

1.1 cloud


1, 1 rain.


1, 1 umbrella

Who! Oh! Oh!

1, wet 1!

See? Hello? He

Only when I was only 1 year old.

You do not need to have a very unique number of interesting things.

But I was the first to win and I started.

Maybe something might start. Perhaps bigger things may be part of it.

1 up

One step at the same time.

There are horses in this game.

1 smile on his face

1 bat, 1 bullet, 1 box, 1 jar

1 goal, 1 goal, 1 goose, 1 goat

1 hat, 1 cow, 1 cake, 1 cat

1 hole, 1 jump, 1 tablet, 1 hat.

1 beautiful and beautiful eyes,

Beautiful world, beautiful world, beautiful worlds and men!
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