Numberblocks songs
Here are all the Numberblocks songs!

Series 1

High Five!

One Wonderful World, Everything’s Better with Two, Number Three is Here, I’m Four, High Five, The Whole of Me

Ten out of Ten

That’s How I Roll, Lucky Number Seven, Octoblock, That’s Why You’re Square Like Me, I’m a Ten Block, Just Add One, Ten Green Bottles

Series 2

Number Fun

The Numberblocks Express, You’ve Got Zero, Numberblobs and Me, Peekaboo!, What's the Difference?, High Five II, Ten Again

Fifteen and Friends

Eleven On Our Side, Arrays Away!, Unlucky Number Thirteen, I’m Gonna Be a Skater, The Super Special Secret Step Squad

Series 3

Season 5

I Am Sixteen, I Paint Seventeen, Born to Ride the Rays, Crazy Shapes, The Two Tens Tango, I Can Count to Twenty,

Season 6

My Name Is Fifty, I’m Big (So Big), More To Explore

Songs that aren't in episodes

The Spring Song, Five Little Boats, Five Little Speckled Frogs, Scoop A Scoop, Zoom, Zoom, Zoom!, Who Has More?, Let's Draw Numbers, Counting Cars, Hen House Hop, How Many Passengers?

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Numberblocks episodes

Series 1

Tremendous V!

I, That I, II, III, All Natural Numbers Smaller than Four, IV, V, A Trio of Miniscule Swine, Outside Individually Develop, The Way of Tracking the Number of Things via Ascending Natural Numbers, Emblem Aerobatics, The Full of Myself, The Abhorrent Duo of IIs, Voids, Conceal and Locate


VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, All You Have to Do is to Increase the Number by I, Launch, Calculating Ovis Aries, Inconvenience of Multiplying by Two, The Trio of Threes, Additionals and Balanceds, Fuzzy Creatures, The Plant of II, Numberblock Palace, Ten Viridescent Containers

Series 2

Numeral Anti-Boredom

One Time Above a Timeline, A Huge Monster that Prefers Larger Things, The Train of Numberblocks, Mixed Sweet Plant Foodstuff, Nothing, Currently We Are the Integers Larger than Five but Smaller than Eleven, Weird Spherical Critters, Constructing Squares, You Can’t See Me!, Brief and Involuntary Contractions of the Diaphragm Muscle, Questioning the Absolute Value of the Result of Subtracting Two Numbers, NumberKart 10, V Plus Acquaintances, Ogdoad of Cubes is Here to Save You!, X for Another Time

XV Plus Acquaintances

Two-Dimensional Dimension, Mansion of What Humans are Good at Spotting, The Myth of a Monster that Has a Rather Large Stomach and is Especially Fond of Algebra, Reflectional Surface which if You Break it You Will Be Extremely Unlucky, The Incorrect Figure, XI, XII, The Area of the Equiangular Quadrilateral, Getting on the Wavelengths, Cube Wars, XIII, XIV, XV, Another Recap Episode, Stair Groups

Series 3

Season 5

Numberland's Got Talent, On Top Of Your Noggin, Place of X, Equal Platform, XVI, Group of Quadrilaterals, XVII, XVIII, Twirling Wavelengths, XIX, XX, Elevated Tales, Unrealistic Narrative, I Am Able To Track the Amount of Things Up To XX, Robbery

Season 6

Symbol of Multiplication, Anti-Boredom Amusements, Secret Place About Portions Of Larger Amounts, Abhorrent Twenty-Four Hours of II, Split and Accelerate, XXI and Beyond, We're Walking On Our Search of a Plane Figure with IV Equal Sides, XXX's Large Circus, Surface of a Large Size, L, LX's Tremendous Amount of Points, The Large I, C, M and I, Larger Amounts of Things to Investigate

Numberblocks Theme Song

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Letterballs books
Opposite Episodes!

Series 1

Low Negative Five!

Negative One, No More Negative Ones, Negative Two, Negative Three, Negative One, Negative Two, Negative Three!, Negative Four, Negative Five, Negative Three Big Birds, On They Come, How Not to Spell, Eraser Rockets, The Some of You, The Terrific Negative Twos, Fillings, Reveal and Go Blind

Negative Ten in of Negative Ten

Negative Six, Negative Seven, Negative Eight, Negative Nine, Negative Ten, Don’t Just Subtract Negative One, Drill, Spelling Wolf, Single Solution, The Negative Three Negative Threes, Evens and Odds, Spikies, The Negative Two Bush, Letterball Shack, Negative Ten Red Bowls

Series 2

Letter Boredom

Twice Below a Space, Ball God, The Letterballs Plane, Candy Separation, Something, Then They Are Not Negative Six to Negative Ten, Letterglobs, Destroying Balls, X-Ray Vision, Burps, I Know What the Sum Is, Letterball Derailing, Negative Five and Enemies, Octonaughty from the Kidnapping!, Not Once Will We See Negative Ten

Negative Fifteen and Enemies

Roundland, Disarray Outhouse, The Reality of Small Intestines, Paper, Paper, The Right Letter, Negative Eleven, Negative Twelve, The Misdirection of the Triangle, Get Off the Waves, Ball Moon, Negative Thirteen, Negative Fourteen, Negative Fifteen, Ones Pictures, Ladder Break-Ups

Series 3

Season 5

Negative Fifteen's Second of Infamy, Off My Butt, A Place that Does Not Belong to Negative Ten, Unbalancing Ridge, Negative Sixteen, Circle Separation, Negative Seventeen, Negative Eighteen, Triangle the Triangle, Negative Nineteen, Negative Twenty, Short Truths, Falls of Unfancy, You Can't Spell from Negative Twenty, Give

Season 6

Post of the Divisions, Unfun Division Unfair, The Hall of the Taken, Wonderful Negative Two Month, Times and Collapse, Negative Twenty-One and More, We are Not Going on a Circle Search, Negative Thirty's Small Cap, Horizon of the Smalls, Negative Fifty, Negative Sixty's Small Points, The Smaller One, Negative One Hundred, Negative One Hundred and One, Less to See

Letterballs Caption Script

Negative Fourth Floor Fixes

Opposite Episodes!
Numberblocks episodes

Series 1


1, A1, 2, 3, 123, 4, 5, 3LP, OWG, HTC, SPL, TWOM, TT2, H, H&S


6, 7, 8, 9, 10, JAO, BO, CS, DT, T33, O&E, FF, T2T, NBC, 10GB

Series 2


OUAT, BZ, TNE, FS, 0, NWA6T10, NBB, BB, PKB, HC, WTD?, NBR, F&F, OttR, 10A


FL, PP, TLoBT, MM, TWN, 11, 12, TWotR, RtR, BS, 13, 14, 15, TS, SS

Series 3

Season 5

15MoF, OYH, TP, BB, 16, SC, 17, 18, LtL, 19, 20, TS, FoF, ICCt20, H

Season 6




Series 1


Knaxles, Moar Knaxles, Jorky, Duhstort, One, Two, Three!, FURrrRR!, Fuhv, Beeg Budd Wooooooooooofffz Iits Da Kerrrluhblukz, Da Blukz Moorch, Hao 2 Dayb, Miin Biin Loonchas, Da Kerlablukz Keel Theirzelves, Tiinuge Mootant Neenja Jorkehz, Gayypppz, Xtriim Sperlungblakz & Spahk Cruzzova


ZIXX, Zyuvoon, Aayte, Noin, Shadew, Snahp Sungg, Shadew Shewts hizz Wae 2 Spaic, Kowntign Pranha Ploonts, M00ltiplahyin EEEpuhsode, Dahstorz'z Dae Awt, Mooga Errtra Buzketbowl Gaem, MAIMING Fluffingtons, Notha Gaim Shadew VZ Noin, Kerlablukz & Sperlungblakz, Naht Mah Spiity Pooonz!

Series 2

Season 3

Once Upon A Time, Blockzilla, The Numberblocks Express, Fruit Salad, Zero, Now We Are Six To Ten, Numberblobs, Building Blocks, Peekaboo!, Hiccups, What's the Difference?, Numberblock Rally, Five and Friends, Octoblock to the Rescue!, Ten Again

Season 4

Flatland, Pattern Palace, The Legend of Big Tum, Mirror, Mirror, The Wrong Number, Forky, Ruhguhmahteex, The Way of the Rectangle, Ride the Rays, Block Star, Jason, Mah Favorith P-P Curucters, Storrrk, Tween Scenes, Step Squads

Series 3

Season 5

Upcoming (confirmed)

Zixxtuun, Ryublock, Rho is not a Bot, Teen Ninetan, Tenty

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