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A: Why do I look like an old man?


Three: I think Six is a robot ...

Six: I am a robot and I love you. (I realized I was stuck on the train) Help! Help!

A: I will save you!

Seven: (eight shots)

Eight: Oh! What is it? Wait, where are these four?

V: He's dead.

Eight: What do you mean?

Five: hit your head.

New: Oh! I know where he is now. I saw his body somewhere in the water.

X: I realized that I was only one person and that I was married from scratch. Now, I have a boy named N.

N: No!

Six: Well, I'm glad it's not a two-digit number. And so on - (still recognizes it)

A: Really? Again! ? (Try to save six, but it will not work)

Eighth: So, there is only one person, me and an X. How many people should die in this episode?

Five: more than five ... FINGAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! (Shoot ten)

X: (dead)


A: Wait ... the first two, then four, then six, then ten! What is in the middle?

Three eight.

Eight: Wait! No! (Mold)

Odin: Better.

Four souls: Is it really finished? Are all the figures of death dead?

A: Yes, I think it's ... Wait ... Four, what about you?

Four ghosts: Yes No

A: Oh, uh ... (they nailed her to death)

Three: (take the screw and do the same thing)

Nine: it's a beautiful life. (jump off the cliff)

V: Yes (shots)

Me: I think we should also experience death! (I and X jumped from the same rock and jumped 9 times)

Seven: ... (knows other people, except N, is dead) Question seven!

N: (takes seven pictures) No!

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