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One: Why do I sound like an old man?


Three: I have a feeling that Six is a robot...

Six: I am a robot and I love you. (realizes that he’s stuck on a train track) HELP! HELP, HELP!

One: I’ll save you!

Seven: (punches Eight)

Eight: Hey! What’s that for? Wait, where’s Four?

Five: He died.

Eight: What do you mean?

Five: He got shot in the head.

Nine: Ooh! I know where he is now. I saw his dead body somewhere in a body of water.

Ten: Okay, I’ve just realized that I’m just a One and a Zero married. I now have a child who’s named N.

N: NO!

Six: Well, glad I’m not a two-digit number. Wait- (realizes that he’s in the same situation as before)

One: REALLY? AGAIN!? (tries to save Six but fails)

Eight: Great. Now there’s only an I and an X. How many deaths are supposed to be in this episode?

Five: More than five... FINGAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! (shoots Ten)

Ten: (dies)


One: Wait... first Two, then Four, then Six, then Ten! What goes in between?

Three: Eight.

Eight: WAIT NO! (dies)

One: That’s better.

Four’s Ghost: Is this really the end? All of the even numbers die?

One: Yeah, I think that’s- wait... FOUR, IS THAT YOU!?

Four’s Ghost: Yes. And no.

One: Oh well... (kills herself with a screw)

Three: (picks up the screw and does the same thing)

Nine: Well, it’s been a nice life. (jumps off a cliff)

Five: Yeah. (shoots herself)

I: I think we should experience death too! (I and X jump off the same cliff Nine jumped off)

Seven: ... (realizes everyone else except N is dead) QUESTION SEVEN!

Bad Ending

N: (shoots Seven) NO!


Good Ending

Zero: Where is everybody? Ehh, whatever. When a Numberblock dies, it means that they just turn into Ones.

(all the other Numberblocks come back together)


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