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    Well, there is a war going on between Arif and TSRITW.

    Who do you choose? Arif or TSRITW? If you like Arif, comment "ARIF" on this blog post. If you like TSRITW, comment "TSRITW" on this blog post. Person with the most votes wins.

    If Arif wins, TSRITW stays blocked and Alexsacco is the new admin

    If TSRITW wins, TSRITW gets unblocked and Alexsacco will get removed from his admin roles and he will be blocked.

    If a person correctly chose the winning side, they will get the challenge template on their page:

    If a person incorrectly chose the winning side, they will recieve... nothing. Voting ends on October 5th. Good luck!

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    WHO DID THIS??!?!?

    August 31, 2019 by Sixtombfanner11

    Someone just added something random to my userpage!

    It looks like this:

    It's a Zat's Not A Word teplate with the words: "ok ", "can," "Stop make me tired," and "pikachu."

    TO whoever did this, please leave a comment on this blog post...

    TSRITW, please find the one who edited my userpage and strike him. PLEASE.

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    To Jucas.

    August 7, 2019 by Sixtombfanner11

    All you can do is QUIT. Nothin to say kiddo. JUST QUIT.

    First off, you might be thinking, "YOU'RE BASHING ON ME," I'm not. This is just a letter.

    THREE specific reasons.

    Not you, Three.

    1. You're hating everyone now. I mean, this is even worse than that time i mentioned "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" in my last blog post when it meant GOOD! I'm litterally scared.
    2. You just made me bash on Yokai! I mean, when you turned into a hatemonster, I FREAKED OUT. I contacted yokai to tell that I DON'T LIKE HIM ANYMORE. I mean, if I made a tierlist i WOULD put him on "Very Bad Mods!"
    3. Your blog post. No, I mean it. IF YOU WANTED EVERYONE TO GET ATTENTION YOU COULD HAVE JUST MESSAGED THEM!!!! I mean, not the villians, they are blocked. FOREVER.

    And that's why …

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    First of all, let's talk about Luis.

    • HE'S A MORON.
    1. First of all, he kept reincarnating. I can't handle this anymore.
    2. Second, he's a BIG FAT MEANIE.
      1. Just think about it. He swears...
      2. ...makes spam pages that leave too many redlinks...
      3. ...AND REINCARNATES, which is trash.
    3. He shouldn't even exist.
    • He keeps using "Bello" in his name and puts wierd stuff after it.
      • It's OBVIOSLY not a joke. Just because he uses random things in this name, doesn't mean he's a fan of bello.

    Now let's talk about Gab Crab (which didn't exist anymore.)
    1. Like Luis...
      • He reincarnates.
      • He makes redlinks.
      • And he shouldn't even exist.
    2. UNLIKE Luis...
      • He's not a fan of Bello.
      • When he sees that he is blocked, he REINCARNATES INSTANTLY.

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    u or maybe me

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