Sixtombfanner11 Sixtombfanner11 16 August

Leaving the Learningblocks Wiki

I've come to the decision to leave the Learningblocks wiki.


  1. Massive Vandals. These keep targeting our wiki every single day, and this wiki just isn't cut for it.
  2. Inactivity. I've recently grown off to more wikis, and have not touched this one ever since.
  3. Other reasons. Let's not talk about them, 'kay?

And those are my reasons why I'm leaving the wiki. FOR GOOD. I might peek around a few times and might make a few edits, but for that, I'm leaving. For good.

Cya guys.

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Sixtombfanner11 Sixtombfanner11 10 November 2019

Ye Riddles Fiev.

2019 edition, so who cares? ONLY THREE!!!

The arrangement links are shown below.

Remove one block from each arrangement so you can move any shape 0.5 layers horizontally or vertically.

Is it possible that a 27-cube shape (9 blocks for each n) can make a frustum by solving n first? Explain carefully and show how.

  • Are there any other solutions if you change arrangement and n?
  • You can only use warp to solve the equation the arrow is pointing to... ^ Show how.

If a captain on a cruise has 5 partners and has 34 gold, divide the coins using arrangement code.

  • How many coins do you need to have to divide 16.2 coins to a captain and three members? State it using x as the coin counter.
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Sixtombfanner11 Sixtombfanner11 10 November 2019

The Learning Blocks Wiki Rap

Similar to the pokerap. And I meant the FULL pokerap. Here, if you haven't watched it. This contains all 241 dias, not counting the fanmade ones. This excludes Mr. Yokai. (darkvi will be in cuz why not)

Always start with the users. Because why not?


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Sixtombfanner11 Sixtombfanner11 10 November 2019

crossover of some sort

u or maybe me

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Sixtombfanner11 Sixtombfanner11 10 November 2019

To Jucas.

All you can do is QUIT. Nothin to say kiddo. JUST QUIT.

First off, you might be thinking, "YOU'RE BASHING ON ME," I'm not. This is just a letter.

THREE specific reasons.

Not you, Three.

  1. You're hating everyone now. I mean, this is even worse than that time i mentioned "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" in my last blog post when it meant GOOD! I'm litterally scared.
  2. You just made me bash on Yokai! I mean, when you turned into a hatemonster, I FREAKED OUT. I contacted yokai to tell that I DON'T LIKE HIM ANYMORE. I mean, if I made a tierlist i WOULD put him on "Very Bad Mods!"
  3. Your blog post. No, I mean it. IF YOU WANTED EVERYONE TO GET ATTENTION YOU COULD HAVE JUST MESSAGED THEM!!!! I mean, not the villians, they are blocked. FOREVER.

And that's why …

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