MarizaIsGood MarizaIsGood 2 August 2019

About The End of the Seasons

Look There is a site named scratch! 

It's a coding, You can create Projects and Animations, All types of Animation

But the most important... NUMBER BLOCKS ANIMATION!

My scratch Projects: 

Testing Animation

Seven Teaches Six To Be Lucky.


A Future Project of my Fan-Made Numberblocks -------------------------------------------> 

My account [If you want to follow me, Remember to make a account]

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MarizaIsGood MarizaIsGood 10 July 2019

My Terrible Twosday

This is my last blog post for now, I'll make more in the next day [i think].

Terrible_TwoPurple: So Ok Two, I have a plan, should we create UFO's?

Terrible_TwoBlue: Good idea, But for what?

Terrible_TwoPurple: Attack Numberland!

Terrible_TwoPurple: Where should we start?

Terrible_TwoBlue: Let's start with the art museum!!

Terrible_TwoPurple: They Don't Know we can just rip the tape!


Terrible_TwoBlue: I got my Hammer!

Terrible_TwoPurple: And i got my Explosive Hammer.

Terrible_TwoBlue: You Start.


[i'll finish this soon]

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MarizaIsGood MarizaIsGood 9 July 2019

My Divide and Drive story

This can turn cringy, because,Because YeS

Puts mouth in megaphone

6,9,12,15 And 18 Enters on the Line

6,9,12,15 And 18: YES!


the multiple of 3's are still fighting

i finish this soon so bye.

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MarizaIsGood MarizaIsGood 30 June 2019

My Fan-made 16-100

I know 16-19 already had come out, but I still want to show them, so please do not go angry on me.

  • 1 16-20
  • 2 31-40
  • 3 41-50
  • 4 51-60
  • 5 61-70
  • 6 71-80
  • 7 81-90
  • 8 91-100
  • 9 Bonus 101-Infinity [lol this is going to take too much]

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