In my headcanon, Twenty-Six is a child spy interested in codes and puzzles. In "figured-out" mode, my Twenty-Six has his blocks arranged as a 4x6 oblong with the remaining two attached at the top center; his six uppermost blocks are indigo like Six's, but the rest are light orange like Twenty's. His limbs are all darker orange; he wears dark-brown shoes and gloves. When he's on a spy mission, Twenty-Six wears a long jacket with 26 pockets colored -- but not lettered -- to match the Alphablocks. (Considering that grade-school kids even use the numbers 1-26 as a not-very-secret code for the alphabet, adding the letters would be redundant in my opinion.) His pockets hold an assortment of odd gear that varies from mission to mission, but always includes a letter-to-number code wheel and a notebook.

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