Apple Annie


Apple Annie (sang in the tune of Jingle Bells)

Apple Annie, Apple Annie, how are you today?

Tell me all the things you know about the letter A

Alligators, astronauts, apple trees that sway

These are all my favorite things that start with Letter A

Benjamin Bunny


Benjamin Bunny (sang in the tune of Beautiful Dreamer)

Benjamin Bunny, what do you see?

Name all the things that begin with a B

Babies and bubbles, butterflies too

Beach balls and bears, and balloons they are blue

Cathy Cook


Cathy Cook (sang in the tune of The Farmer In The Dell)

Good morning, Cathy Cook! Make something good for me

There are lots of yummy things that start with Letter C

Cookies, candy canes, cupcakes and the coke

Carrots, corn, and cauliflower almost make me croak

Daisy Doll


Daisy Doll (sang in the tune of Jingle Bells)

Daisy Doll, Daisy Doll, tell us What you see

Name the things around the House that start with Letter D

Daffodils, dandelions, dogs that dig in dirt

Daddy working in the yard in his favorite shirt

Elmo the Elephant


Elmo the Elephant (sang in the tune of Reuben, Reuben)

Elmo the Elephant was excited, he called all his friends to come

He was having an Easter party, hiding eggs and eating some

Elks came dancing elbow to elbow, eskimos came south by Nome

They enjoyed the elegant party, excuse themselves went back home

Funny Fish


Funny Fish (sang in the tune of Jingle Bells)

Funny Fish, Funny Fish, swimming right and left

Tell me all that things you see that start with Letter F

Fast firetrucks, flashing lights, fireman on the run

Friendly frogs, fire crackers and fairies having fun

Gus the Goat


Gus the Goat (sang in the tune of If You're Happy And You Know It)

Gus the Goat is a goofy garbage man.

He gobbles garbage straight from the can.

Granny's glasses, garden gloves, gum and grapes are what he loves.

Girls and guys all giggle when he ate the can

Hippo Hop


Hippo Hop (sang in the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star)

Henrietta Hippo and Harvey too went to the hop at the Zippity Zoo

They wiggle their hips and the tummies too and they danced the hula hoop at the hullabaloo

Ho Ho Hee Hee Doodle Le Doo, Ho Ho Hee Hee Doodle Le Doo

Ho Ho Hee Hee Hoochy-Koochy-Koo, And they had a happy Time at the hullabaloo

Hobo Harry and Horace Lou help at night at the Zippity Zoo

They served hamburgers and hot dogs too and they had a happy time at the hullabaloo

Ho Ho Hee Hee Doodle Le Doo, Ho Ho Hee Hee Doodle Le Doo

Ho Ho Hee Hee Hoochy-Koochy-Koo, And they had a happy time at the hullabaloo

Isabella Inchworm


Isabella Inchworm (sang in the tune of I'm A Little Teapot)

Isabella Inchworm, will you try to name some things that begin with I?

Into and inside and in between, invisible means that can't be seen

Indians and igloos and insects too, and interesting, intelligent kids like you

Jungle Jim


Jungle Jim (sang in the tune of Yankee Doodle)

Jungle Jim the Jellyfish was jolly as could be

He spent his time just working out all day there in the sea

Jungle Jim the Jellyfish went jogging with his friends

He juggled jars and jumped his rope right to the very end

One day he felt an awful jerk, his jeep has jolted, oh no!

The whales were having birthday lunch, he landed in their jello

Katy The Kangaroo


Katy the Kangaroo (sang in the tune of Reuben, Reuben)

Katy the Kangaroo lives down the kalamazoo, flying the kite with kids all day

She'll help learned they say That begin with K, watch and she'll show us as we play

Kirby that goes kerplop, kittens that like to hop, Kelly the kicking Kangaroo

Kelsie the kitchen-maid will serve us pink kool-aid, learning has So much Fun To do

Larry Lion


Larry Lion (sang in the tune of Jingle Bells)

Larry Lion, Larry Lion, look down in your well

Wish for all the things you love that start with Letter L

Lemon drops, lollipops, lemonade for sale

These are all my favorite things that start with Letter L

Marvin the Monkey


Marvin the Monkey (sang in the tune of Beautiful Dreamer)

Marvin the Monkey, out of on limb

Name me some things that begin with an M

Meatballs and money, the man in the moon

Milkshakes so thick you must eat with a spoon

Monsters and mudpies, and my mother too

And Mabel the milk cow who always says moo

Nellie the Nurse


Nellie the Nurse (sang in the tune of Turkey In The Straw)

Did you ever know Nellie the nice neat nurse?

She has N things in the naugahyde purse

Like nine new nickels and newspapers too

Neckties and nightgowns and the navy blue shoes

If you're never ever naughty, she will let you peek inside

And the nifty nothings that she just can't hide

Like her notebook and her necklace and her needlework too

Nametags and numbers and nuts to chew

Octopus Stew


Octopus Stew (sang in the tune of Beautiful Dreamer)

Here is a question I'd like to know

What can you name that begins with an O?

Oxen and otters, ostriches too

Oranges and olives and octopus Stew

Penelope Pig


Penelope Pig (sang in the tune of Reuben, Reuben)

Penelope Pig and her pal Polly packed a perfect little lunch

Went down to the penguin's picnic, drank up all the purple punch

While the penguins play some ping-pong, they were left there all alone

They ate every lunch they came to, until all the food was gone

50 pounds of roasted peanuts, popcorn piled up to the sky

13 jars of peanut butter, 15 plates of pizza pie

Pickles, pears, and pink popsicles, they just couldn't bear to stop

When the penguins came to eat lunch, they were just about to pop

Quilla the Queen


Quilla the Queen (sang in the tune of Beautiful Dreamer)

Quilla the Queen, oh how do you do?

What can you do, that begins with Q?

I am the queen of a kingdom that's quiet

I'm quick at quilting, I do it all night

I have a quirk that people don't like

I like to quarrel and get in a fight

I met a wizard all dressed in black

He changed me quite quickly and now I just quack

Rowdy the Rodeo Rat


Rowdy the Rodeo Rat (sang in the tune of Up On The Housetop)

Rowdy the Rascal was a rodeo rat

Ripping and racing in his ten gallon hat

Riding and roping on his ragged old cat

Rowdy the Rascal the Rodeo Rat

Rosie O'Riley, all dressed up in red

Came to his Rescue or he would be dead

Rowdy was ready to eat some bad feed

'Cause Rowdy the Rodeo Rat couldn't read

And the moral to this story, if you want to read

You have to practice to succeed

And you'll be reading for the rest of your days

Rowdy you rascal, you'll be making straight A's

Silly Snake


Silly Snake (sang in the tune of Jingle Bells)

Silly Snake, Silly Snake, sing your very best

Sing about the things you know that start with Letter S

Stinky socks, soapy soup, sailboats in the snow

Sorry but I have to stop, that's all the stuff I know

Tommy Tiger


Tommy Tiger (sang in the tune of Jingle Bells)

Tommy Tiger, Tommy Tiger, will you talk to me?

Tell me all the things you know that start with Letter T

Telephones, tennis shoes, trucks that take our trash

Teddy bears and tinker toys and trains that ride on tracks

Uncle Ugbee


Uncle Ugbee (sang in the tune of Yankee Doodle)

Uncle Ugbee, we all know, is a most unusual fellow

He goes out walking every day, under his umbrella

Uncle Ugbee, it's not wet. Look up, it's not raining

Uncle Ugbee, you're confused. The weather's always changing

Uncle Ugbee's unaware of dressing for the weather

On very hot and sunny days, he dresses up in leather

Uncle Ugbee, it's not wet. Look up, it's not raining

Uncle Ugbee, you're confused. The weather's always changing

Uncle Ugbee, understand! He doesn't have a care

Oh no, Uncle Ugbee! You are in your underwear

Victor the Vulture


Victor the Vulture (sang in the tune of The Itsy Bitsy Spider)

Victor the Vulture was a vicious bird

He drank vinegar and he never spoke a word

He lived up in Vermont in his village home

But he never had a visitor, he was all alone

Victor the Vulture went to the village dance

He ran into Vanessa, it was just by chance

Her violet velveteen vest made her look so fine

That Victor sweetly asked her to be his valentine

Willie and Wanda


Willie and Wanda (sang in the tune of On Top Of Old Smokey)

Willie the Walrus wanted a wife

To have and to hold for the rest of his life

He went down to Walrus-Mart to buy him a sink

And there he saw Wanda and he gave her a wink

She was wild about Willie. It was love at first sight

They planned a big wedding, and were married that night

We served watermelon, and all worked out fine

And they lived life together until they were ninety-nine

Foxy Roxy


Foxy Roxy (sang in the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star)

Foxy Roxy was a fox who lived in a paper box

She collected rocks and clocks, kept them in her dirty socks

She played on her xylophone until she began to moan

Roxy had some itchy spots so she called on Dr. Cox

Dr. Cox was in dismay. We must take a quick X-Ray

Dr. Cox the wise old ox cried "Oh no, it's chicken pox!"

Yippy the Yellow Yak


Yippy the Yellow Yak (sang in the tune of Bingo)

There is a yak that teachers know. His friends all call him Yippy

He Comes to School on Mondays, yes

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, yes

He likes school on Fridays best

Yippy the Yellow Yak

Yesterday he acted yuck and trashed up the whole schoolyard

He tied yarn up and down the swing

He yanked my yo-yo and broke the string

He yelled and messed up everything

Yippy the Yellow Yak

Yippy was in trouble then with all his friends and teachers

Monday, he stopped being bad

Tuesday and Wednesday, he was glad

Thursday and Friday, what fun he had

Yippy the Yellow Yak

Zippity Zoo


Zippity Zoo (sang in the tune of Turkey In The Straw)

Let's take a trip to Zanzibar away across the sea,

Where there's zillions of things that begin with Z

Like Zelda the Zebra and Zachary too

Zipped up in stripes at the Zippity Zoo

Zig-zagging through the zinnias, the bees go zap

Waking all the zany bears from their long winter's nap

There's no time for snoozing, there's work to do

Springtime has come to the Zippity Zoo

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