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Human Numberblocks

Numberhumans' bodies are really just holograms but with mass, projected by their Numberlings. In other words, their Numberling is their core. Combining involves glowing and phasing into one another, while splitting up is a similar procedure.

Let's Begin!

Zachary (Zero)

Mary (One)

Mary has one unit.

Tim (Two)

Tim is made of two units.

Theresa (Three)

Theresa has three Units.

Fred (Four)

Fred has 4 units.

Another picture of Fred.

Beth (Five)

Sid (Six)

Steffen (Seven)

Steffen has 7 Units.

Ian/Octoman (Eight)

Ian has 8 Units. He is a superhero called Octoman.

Neil (Nine)

Neil has a red nose because he sneezes too much.

Tina (Ten)