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  • Arifmetix
    • They have a 21 Numberling.
    • "Twenty One" is not a new name to describe a number, just two combined.
      • This explains how teen numbers are different, they have new names.
        • This would mean that the next "new" character would be Thirty.
    • It's not the face or limbs that matter, just blocks. 21 has 21 blocks.
      • If you look at someone like Eight, he is 5 blocks and 3 blocks more. But he is also 4 plus 4, etc. It's the blocks that count (pun intended)
    • Their name was mentioned multiple times in the episode.
    • They were created by 7x3, which = 21.

    thank you for reading.

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  • Arifmetix

    hewo! I have re-implemented an old code that people ignored a few months ago. I call it "Left to Right code". It is for alternatively describing shapes that have longer "Top-to-Bottom" codes.

    • \ means go right a layer
    • U means all blocks are higher.
    • L means all blocks are lower.
    • CL and CU mean they are near the center but are higher/lower.
    • [o] is for skip

    This is a Sixteen shape.

    This code is based on columns going L-R, so look at the leftmost column. 5 blocks.


    The next one has 5 too, and skipping right means you add a "\" 


    The next column ALSO has 5.


    There are 3 columns of 5, this can be simplified to 3x5.

    There is one block left at the bottom.


    In T-B code, it would be 3x4L+4. 3x5\1 saves just that little bit of time. It is more useful for sha…

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  • Arifmetix


    Recently I've noticed something about the Arrangements page.

    There are, of course, the arrangements of the Numberblocks. But there are also arrangements that require     

    PRECISE​​ timing, such as the picture to the left. According to TSRITW it doesn't matter because we lacked new arrangements for a while, so I left it alone. 

    After a while, I saw a FLIPPED image of Four, which is pretty desperate, considering Four would probably make this arrangement in a later episode. ​​

    Then I noticed this!

    Last time I checked, The Numberblocks weren't made out of PAPER. 

    I also saw this.  So they became desperate enough to actually EDIT the photos?!


    Yes. We apparently must retrieve ALL 36,…

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  • Arifmetix


    December 3, 2018 by Arifmetix
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  • Arifmetix

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