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The actually one who hacked Arifmetix and Saucer

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Hiya, everyone! I am not a Discussions Moderator for the wiki, and if you see any bad message or comments then feel free to report it to me or another user that can. :)

I am who I am, and I have Aspergers. Nice to meet you! :)

I like Numberblocks, and it's been very nice watching it. :)

I have issues, and I won't bore you with the too many details. I can get anxious sometimes, and I perhaps worry too much about many things. I also hate it when I make mistakes and I try to make the least amount of mistakes as possible, and when I do make a mistake I feel really bad.

I am open to any advice you may have for me, if you think I am doing something wrong. :)

I like Alexsacco38, and we are friends. I also like Thekoolgal11, Arifmetix, and Jaydob04. :) There are many more people that I like but to save room I will not mention (sorry).

I have can funny sometimes, but sometimes I think I can be a little too serious.

I usually do things to have fun, and even though helping wikis and people out isn't always fun I am usually happy to help out. :)

I will try to be as active as possible around here, and I will delete any message or comment spam. :)

Also, I am sorry in advance if my messages were too long.

Technically, my total edits is +127 of my current edits, because my old account made 127 edits on this wiki.

I can get stressed easily, and trying to be a good helper can get stressful, but I will continue being a good helper. :)

I really hate misspelling words, and I usually get upset when I don't spell things correctly. I am okay if someone else misspells, if I can understand them.

I will perhaps be less busy here, but I will do my best top help out around here still. :)

Okay, I may not come here too often, because it's been getting really stressful to handle things here. I will definitely come here occasionally to help out though.

Remember to have fun, and sleep well tonight! :)

I like Bots

Such as Bots run by AutoWikiBrowser or Chatbots. I am intrigued by these types of Bots, and I use them sometimes on other wikis (the Chatbot will not run when I start it though).


I like it. :)

System Messages

I know a good amount about the white-listed ones.

My favorite pages

Users I Like

  • To be added perhaps.


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I am neutral on this.

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