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do not edit my page (even if you are an admin) without my permission


HELLO my name is thekoolgal11 but u can call me Kool ((Yes I Knoe my username is dum i'd like 2 change it but im afraid pepl wont recognise me if i do))

where from

uk ((if i use american spelling of words its bc Im Used To It))

when find numerical cubes

around summer 2017 i think on utub or something i dont remember

r u queen jellygelly nfg-13


what the heck is that three thing in yer infobox

thats my main oc kool hes funny

Why Don't U Use Grammar!!!! Grrr!!! U Stink!!!!

its just Easier to type and makes me feel a litl more nicer

what other websites r u on

das really it

have u made any wikis


y do u capitalise random words

for Emphasis of course :DDD

whats up w this whole Battle for Balloony thing

its my object show where 24 contestants battle for the hottest prize ever BALLOONY!!!!!!!!!!!


((seriously can someone change the "name" template sometime it bothers me how gigantic and non-numberblocks related it is))


its in quotes bc its not numy art Per Se theyre more just random drawings also these are all Very old so this isnt my artstyle anymore

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