Hi, I’m the most intelligent equiangular parallelogram in the world, and yes, I do know Jack. He’s a great guy. I mean, He has A FRIKKIN’ INFINITE WORLD INSIDE OF HIM! HOW AWESOME IS THAT!?

Here’s a perfectly organized list of my blog posts and stuff.

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Zerro’s Basement

  1. The Accidental Discovery
  2. The Case of the Missing Fractals (part one)
  3. The Case of the Missing Fractals (part two)

Twisted Episodes

Google Translated

Give Me Five!

Ten of Ten

A Good Number

Fifteen and One

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  1. Numero Uno
  2. The Riddle That Cares
  3. Special Guest: MrYokai (original)
  4. Huge Improvement
  5. Pop Quiz
  6. The Final Riddles
  7. The Real Final Riddle

MrYokai’s Speed Rounds

  1. Ready?
  2. Round Poo

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LBWS: N3IH Trailer

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Poopy-Posts I Made for No Reason

Other Stuff

I like DML.png This user DESPISES idle games but LOVES how Dragon Mania Legends is a bit more like Angry Birds Epic.
8ECEC353-91F2-4CF9-9605-2C92F650B25C.jpeg This user is way too ahead of their time.
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James Vii.png This user is a fan of 7ames Vii.
Yayy.png This user likes cats.
9B84D127-2803-44F6-99C7-8252A7A712DA.png814A29CA-C6D3-4540-BBEF-0B84DE6286EC.jpeg This user likes frogs.
J-two (ni).png This user is a hater of LOW BUDGET TWO. They are asking to be another low budget person... hopefully they like to be low budget... or maybe high budget... IDK.
197B9CE3-DFD4-4C8B-9161-448259F71AC6.jpeg This user is a hater of ZIXX.
J-eight (hachi).png This user is a hater of AAYTE.
J-nine (kyuu).png This user is a hater of NEIN.
-DeleteNotDelet2.0.jpg This user hates "delet this" and wants everyone to learn how to spell.
Welcome to Care-A-Lot.jpg This user hates Scare Bears and likes Care Bears.
13B582A0-DB41-48D6-84C1-E20028FB35D5.jpeg This user loves the fact that urination jokes are banned.
F79C878A-6842-4492-A996-24ABBC15DC14.jpeg This user loves the fact that defecation jokes are banned.
3 wakes up.PNG This user loves the fact that regurgitation jokes are banned.
Four and Squarey say cheese.png This user loves the fact that flatulence jokes are banned.
Ivy.png This user is a hater of Fat Four. Wait, there's no such thing as that. We don't have any Fat Four images. Maybe Nine works. But for now, take this picture of Ivy.
YOU'RE A STAR, FIVE!.png This user loves the fact that vomiting jokes are banned.
Six Dice Pose.png This user loves the fact that disgusting jokes are banned.
RainbowStepSquad.png This user likes clichés and tends to ignore the cliché haters.
Screen Shot 2019-02-02 at 4.05.34 PM.png

Fourteen 14.png 28better.png Numberblocks Multiples by 10.png Fourteen2x7.PNG Numberblocks 13, 14, and 15 getting their makeover.png

This user likes people who make Numberblocks similar to another Numberblock (example: Fourteen being a bigger Seven). Examples on LEFT. Yes, the Fourteen here also counts.
X-ray.png SuperMarioLogan is a disgrace to the entire YouTube community and the entire world would rejoice if you never watched an SML video ever!”
Grr.png This user hates crappy kids channels.
C0F49302-21E4-480C-8FC7-60F3D4D44384.jpeg This user hates cliffhangers.
1A31847D-E05A-42A2-8C73-786FB1B2AE3F.jpeg This user likes endings.
6D20CEAA-72B8-497A-A46F-E24B4EDFD681.jpeg This user, just like Four, likes square things.
DONUT CROSS!!!.png This user loves Grammar Polices. Probably one too.
C31A5D49-4607-41BE-AE0A-781134FBFDD1.png This user is a fan of fair use.
DiaSpongeBob.png This user is a fan of SpongeBob SquarePants.
Ah friday night.png This user is a fan of Lincoln Loud.
Youmeanlikenow.png This user is a true fan of Lincoln Loud. HEY, WAIT! HOLD ON! YOU CAN'T LOVE SOMEBODY THIS FAR! PULL AWAY! PULL AWAY!
22E76203-5790-4E05-A14F-8380A887160F.jpeg9AC65C98-2D4D-4A37-BE93-3AC040A6EF55.jpeg This user hates others plagiarizing others’ content.
Meeeeeeeeeee.png This user is a fan of Rectangl’r.
Who is tsirtw.png This user is a hater of TSIRTW.
DiaQooeyArif.png This user is a fan of Arifmetix.
DiaJay.jpg This user is a fan of Jay.
DiaPunch.png This user is a fan of Punch.
DiaKoolGal.png This user is a fan of KoolGal.
Slahd laik crazy.png This user is a fan of Memeysaucekinpai.
Cute Yoshi as a Numberblock.png
This user is a fan of CuteYoshi.
No u.png This user likes the fact that QOOEY is dead.
ARREFF.jpg This user has joined the ARREFFOLUTION.
ARREFF.jpg This user wants to do the Arreffolution before Essgee.
SG.png This user is a fan of Essgee.

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