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Hi, I am TBDComedian from Scratch and Discord. I am really a big fan of Numberblocks. So much that I had some designs on Numberblocks beyond 10. This is archived so you will have to go to my blog

Prototype Designs

11. Looks like 1 but evolved. So it just gave him two eyes and a split.

12. Has 1 clocks for an eye and has one watch. It can also tell time.

13. Is unlucky and can easily fall apart into numbers. The first time 13 is made, he split up in 5 seconds.

14. Now the Double Lucky one. He is a rainbow like 7 but more colors including 8 to 13's color. His natural color is Red-Green of course. So he has a Red-White block to Red-Green block

15. Similar to 5 but has 3 hands with gloves on them and 3 eyes with stars on them

16. Has a unibrow made of 4 blocks each. There is a rare chance that she sneezes out a 4

17. It is Japanese which loves Haiku

18. The next superhero. 18 can sneeze out 1's to battle off enemies. Known as Octdecblock

19. A really smart number that can correct any math errors like changing 9+10=21 to 9+10=19

20. Basically 10 but has a orange star on each glove too. And have looks like 2 too like 2 orange shoes

21. A really dumb number that a 2 accidentally flew into 9 and 10 to merge with them into a 9+10+2=21.

22. Similar to 11 but evolved 2. He now has a shirt and pants on.

25. Looks like 5 but as a square

30. Similar to 20 but has an extra yellow star on each glove and looks like 3 instead of 2

40. Similar to 30 but you know the path (Having an extra green star on each glove) and looks like 4 instead of 3. This one is a fan of rectangles instead of squares because he can shape like a rectangle.

50. Similar to 40, but looks like 5 and has a cape. She is a superhero who can shoot out big stars at her enemies.

60. You know the pattern.

My Numberblock Designs

Natural Numbers

  • 23. The only one which can be in 2 designs. One is a boy and the other is a girl.
  • 24. Similar to 12 but has a watch
  • 26. Has all of the 26 alphabets on him. His ones are actually Alphablocks. If all of the 26 Alphablocks combine with each other, 26 will reform
  • 27. The next Cubeblock (I wonder if Octoblock can become Octocube (2x2x2)) He can become a 3x3x3 cube. He loves Rubik's Cubes.
  • 28. He is the next lucky block after 14 (21 is not a lucky block). He is a fan of Valentine's Day because February usually has 28 days
  • 29. He can leap all over the place because on a leap year, February has 29 days
  • 31. Can be any scary thing because 31 is part of 10/31 which is Halloween.
  • 32. The next Superhero which can create floating square blocks to save the say
  • 33. The evolved 3 now has makeup and a clown nose so she can look more like a clown.
  • 34. Can sleep loudly and could wake up some.
  • 35. 7*5. Lucky and a Star at the Same time
  • 36. Owns a casino and can do a lot of casino like things especially rolling dices. And a Super Rectangle like 12
  • 37. Acts like Purple Shep from Exploding TNT because 31 and 43 in average is 37
  • 38. The next Smart one which can do Pre-Algebra now
  • 39. Well. It is an unlucky circus performer because it is 13*3
  • 41. I don't know about him. I don't find anything special about the number 41. He can just be the Tiberadog of Jaydob04's 98. 41 can say that when will he be a special number
  • 42. He is very kind and likes to help with math that has the answer of 42
  • 43. Acts like Pink Sheep from Exploding TNT because that is Pink Sheep's Favorite Number and formerly can only count to that number.
  • 44. The Evolved 4 now can become any rectangle
  • 45. It has 4 eyes with 10-pointed stars and a eye with 1 eye with 5-pointed star
  • 46. looks like both 23's at the same time but still come in 2 genders
  • 47. Loves sports and a fan of sport teams.
  • 48. Diceoblock that can also part 12 (6*8)
  • 49. The Lucky Square (7^2). It can change to any kind of rainbow
  • 51. ???
  • 52. ???
  • 53. ???
  • 54. ???
  • 55. ???
  • 56. Lucky Superhero (7*8)
  • 57. ???
  • 58. ???
  • 59. ???
  • 61. ???
  • 62. ???
  • 63. ???
  • 64. She is a square and a cube. She is a superhero with some of 32's abilities.













1 1/2:A hybrid of 1 and 2

2 1/2:A hybrid of 2 and 3

Radical Numbers

√2: ???

√3: ???

5: ???

√6: ???

√7: ???

√8: ???

√10: ???

Irrational Numbers

Pi: Looks like 4 but as a circle and circle eyebrows. Similar to Arifmetix's Pi.

Tau: Looks like 8 but as 2 circles. Still a superhero.

Half Pi: Looks like 2 but as a half circle.

Phi: ???

E: ???

Ordinal Numbers

ω: A god which has infinity everything as its true form. Its normal form is white, 2 eyes, and a mouth. Can shape-shift into any color, features, number of eyes, shape of eyes, and more

ω+1: God of Making Prime Numbers

ω+2: God of Factors

ω+3: God of More than 2 factors

ω+4: God of Squares

ω+5: God of Stars

ω+6: God of Dices

ω+7: God of Rainbow

ω+8: God of Superheros

ω+9: God of Square Root Alter-Egos

ω+10: God of Multiplies of 10

ω*2: ???

ω*3: ???

ω*4: ???

ω*5: ???

ω^2: ???

ω^3: ???

ω^4: ???

ω^ω: ???

ω^ω^ω: ???

ε0: ???


Me as Octoblock

11 and 12


Square Root Alter-Egos

16 can split into the Gaming Fours. They are blocks similar to Tetris ones. One has a hat that has the number 4 on it. One has dog ears like a Sonic OC. One looks like a superhero based on Superhero games. One can shapeshift into other Tetris blocks other than the other 3 4's. That shapeshifter can be puzzle games. Each one has a gameboy and a shirt with gaming things on it.

25 can split into the Pop Fives which is a reference to Splatoon. One looks like Callie. One looks like Marie. One looks like Pearl. One looks like Marina. One looks like a hybrid of Agent 8 and Blocky from BFDI. The last one is a really big fan of Octoblock because I had a joke that Agent 8 + Blocky = Octoblock. I found out that Blocky is a male, looks like a cube, and stretch his legs like Octoblock. They all have human hair except the last one which has Octoling hair. Also only the gloves and the star eye changed colors. They also wear normal clothes too with icons (first is Santa on his sleigh with his reindeer) (second is a Christmas tree) (Third is Christmas decorations) (Fourth has Santa's hat instead) (Fifth is Octoblock)

36 can split into the Casino Sixes. They all run 36's Casino.

49 can split into the Lucky Sevens. They bring good luck

64 can split into the League of Eights. They are all Superheroes.

81 can split into the Sneezy Nines which is similar to Arifmetix's Not Fine Nines. And they can sneeze at Villains to add to the variable. Then they split up into ones and the Sneezy Nine's One goes back in the hole to make 9 again.

100 can split into the Counting Tens which each represen 1-10.

121 can split into the Yin-Yang Elevens which is both a Hero and a Villain

144 can split into the Racing Twelves. They love to race each other. They are Neutral.

169 can split into the Unlucky Thirteens. They spread bad luck and are villains.

People as Numberblock.

Tiberadog: It will be me as Octoblock.

My Numberblocks AU (Alternate Universes)

What if Punchcar63's Prototype design became real

11: Same as original 11

12: Same as original 12 but Color is a clock now

13: Same as original 13 but is black and white

14: Same as 7 but with 14-flowered eyes

15: Same as original 15 but Color is ???

16: Similar to 8 but has 2 octagon eyes and 2 bow ties instead of 1

17: Same as original 17 but Color is ???

18: Same as 9 but has 2 nonagon eyes

19: Similar to original 19 but Color is ???

20: Similar to original 20 but color is 10 but blue eyes.

Next Generation Numberblocks

a x b = a and b's son which is the average between a and b

1 x 2 = 1 1/2

3 x 4 = 3 1/2

5 x 7 = Next Generation 6 which looks like 5 but star and gloves are rainbow and blocks are different colors and shades of cyan

6 x 8 = Next Generation 7 which is Purple. Tentacle arms and legs but only 4 of them. And has a LED shade which looks like 8's but only 2 eyelash on each side instead 4 and can roll a virtual dice on each side from 1 to 7.

9 x 10 = 9 1/2

Tiberadog's Prototypes become Real

The Colors will depend on this code

  1. Red
  2. Orange
  3. Yellow
  4. Green
  5. Cyan
  6. Purple
  7. Light Purple
  8. Pink
  9. Grey
  • 0. White

20. Basically 10 but has a orange star on each glove too. And have looks like 2 too

22. Similar to 11 but evolved 2. He now has a shirt and pants on.

24. Similar to 12 but has 2 clock eyes and 2 watches.

33. The evolved 3 now has makeup and a clown nose so she can look more like a clown.

44. The Evolved 4 now can become any rectangle

Sub-pages about me

You can visit the Museum of Machines on

Facts about my Prototypes Numberblocks

  • Most of my Multiples of 5 have stars and gloves
  • Most of my Multiplies of 6 except Multiplies of 12 are Diceblocks
  • Most of my Multiples of 7 are Rainbowblocks Red to Grey-Grey and so on depending on the number. 21 is a known exception.
  • Most of my Multiples of 8 are superheroes
  • Most of my Multiples of 10 are a combination of 10 and a number
  • Most of my Squares act like their Square root versions but with a little bit more twists.
  • Most of my Multiples of 11 look like the evolved version of the number so 88 looks like an evolved version of 8.
  • Most of my Multiples of 12 are Clockblocks
  • Most of my Multiples of 13 except Multiples of 26 are Unlucky.
  • Most of my Multiples of 26 are Alphablocks

Templates that I am like them too

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This user likes people who make Numberblocks similar to another Numberblock (example: Fourteen being a bigger Seven). Examples on LEFT. Yes, the Fourteen here also counts.
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