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How-do! Seventeen Here!

Hí! The Name ís StarRion20/RedHaíredNutcase! And I am a Numberblocks and Alphablocks Fan! Nice to Meet You All! Refreshíng~!

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Fan Artworks of Numberblocks


Twenty-Three is Numberland's Very Own Maid Which She is Very Addicted to Cleanliness and Arranging Right. After Twenty-Two Messes Up the Soccer Fields with Mud Thanks to His Soccer/Football Antics, The Compound Twenty and Three Finally Figured Out as The Cleaner of Numberland. Thanks to Her OCD and Cleanliness and The Power to Rearrange Alot, She Cleans and Arranges to Make it So Sparkly and Clean The Makes The Numbers Jealous. She Also Figured Out That She Wanted to Have Fun with Friends Which is Her Most Important Thing. After Cleaning All of These Up.


Thirty-Five is The Luckiest Gamer of Numberland. After The Compound Thirty-Five Sees Video Games and Consoles Given from Six and Sixty, Thirty-Five Figured Out as The Luckiest Gamer of Numberland. He Takes on The Gaming Competition with His Luckiest Wins and Victories Making Him The Best Gamer Ever. He is Also a Kind Teacher to New Players Who Wanted to Try and Not to Give Up. His Alter Ego is The Quintuple Sevens Being the Luckiest Colorful 5-Member Team to Use Their Gaming Skills to The Test.


Twenty-Six, The Numberblock of Letters is The Twin Sister of Twenty and The Big Sister of Two. After The Compound Twenty and Six Figured Out After Seeing the Alphablocks in The Alphablocks Dimension by a Dimensional Mirror Portal, She Become The First Numberblock Using Not Just Number Magic But Word Magic as Given from The Alphablock Friends as Well! She Being One of Two and Twenty's Family, She Teaches Young Numberblocks and Numberblobs to Teach Words and Letters Using Her Newfounded Powers to Good Use.


Twenty-Eight is The Luckiest Extreme Skating Police Cop. After Stopping The Terrible Twos and Octonaughty as a Compound Number with The Help of Octoblock (Eight), He is Figured Out as a Police Cop. Not Just to Stop the Baddies But He Owns the Local Police Station with His Own Hover Stakeboard Going "Nee-nah" All The Way. His Alter Ego is The Luckiest Skating Fourteens Which are Two Talented Fourteens Competing in The Best Skaters Competition.


Eighty-Eight is The Fortune Telling Octoblock Heroine. After Seeing the Stars While the Compound Eighty-Eight Sees and Wanted to Protect Numberland Like Octoblock and Super Octoblock, They Figured Out as The First Female Octoblock Known as Galactoblock! Even Though She is Not Alone, She Has Her Talking Crystal Ball Named Crystal Which is Useful to Tell Future Predictions and Sees Lots Around Numberland. Her Other Alter Egos are The Comet Elevens Which are 8 Elevens with Stars on Top of The Red Blocks, The Galaxy Eights Which are 11 Eights with Purple Capes and The Constellation Ones Which are 88 Ones with One of The Greek Clothing. Some of The Ones Held Rubber Snakes, Holds Rulers, Holds a Plus Sign Which Suppose to Be a Crux and Some Ones Wear Animal Suits to Match The Constellations as Well.


Thirty-One is The Monster Loving Imaginative One-Off. He Loves Monsters Especially to Blockzilla and Big Tum When it Comes to Facing Fears So Fast! With the Use of His Highlighting Pen, He Can Make Shapes of Monsters Just Like Nineteen and Twenty-Three Does. He May Not Be a Perfect Shape But He is Doing His Best as Well.

More of My Numberblocks to Come.

Well Yes, There Are More.

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I Made My Parodies of Numberblocks and Alphablocks on My YouTube Channel Recently. These are Called "Numberblocks Oddmaths" and "Alphablocks Phonicsanity". They are Both Based on The Learningblocks Franchise. There are Other Cartoon Parodies That You Want to See. But for Now, Let's Stick with These Two. Not All the Time These Parodies are Released.

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