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Hello There, My Name is Quindasher, Welcome To My Profile, I Have Many Alts Like -Rikki_The_Cat-, QuinDasherOnScratch, TTCNBT_Creators_2022 And Javens262UglyFace, I Have Two Teacher Accounts Like Animalfan_363632 And TeacherTuxedoCat! (And CutieNumberblock11)

And, my OC has a big-eyed smolface lol.

I'm a Cute Natural Numberblock Who Likes To Make Art! (I'm a AI Artist!)

17painter.PNG Like Seventeen, this user loves to paint.

If someone blocks me, i will make another account.

That's enough, Abigblueword.png This user is a hater of Abigblueword.
23GOTCONFIRMED.PNG This user likes Twenty-Three so much, when he got confirmed, they screamed so loud the dead could hear it.

This user is not from the UK!

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I Like Numberblock 49 In Numberblocks Wiki But I Hate Numberblock 49 In Scratch and Roblox.

Every Numberblock Ever! Wow!.jpg This user is a fan of the Numberblocks.
Static-assets-upload12635159763775974024.jpg This user is a fan of bald Forty-Nine.
49fan.jpeg This user is a fan of Forty-Nine.
49 in space.png This user is a hater of Forty-Nine.
VandalH8r.png This user hates vandals so much that they wish they never existed.
S7e13 the team factor.jpg This user loves Eighteen so much that they decided to challenge him to a race.
Madeofonesclub.PNG This Numberblock is a member of the Made of Ones Club.
Oddblocksclub.PNG This Numberblock is a member of the Odd Blocks.
What a good day of Hide and Sheep. And now it's time for Sheep to sleep.png

"What a good day of hide and sheep. And now it's time for Quindasher The Creator to sleep."Six
This user, also known as Quindasher The Young One, is currently blocked for violating the rules.
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Numberblocks get in the wrong order while walking in the sunshine.png

"Too short! Can't see!"Two
This user confirmed themselves to be under 13 and will be blocked until they reach the age of 13.

until they're old enough
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