51B56D56-07D3-4FCC-96EC-DA3F6BCE5D4F.jpeg This user likes music.

[insert error buzzer sound effect here]
This user got a strike. They also got a warning.
Three strikes and that user will end up like Three.

my block is finally over!!!

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Me feeling bored

Hi, I'm PiranPoo, but you can call me Yippo.

I know my name sucks, and all that and I have been blocked once (probably by TSRITW or CwaCor).Actually I used to call him TRISTW. (Pronounced twist-woo). Okay, my buddy, Yippo is the guy in this pic.➡️

He's been with me since my first appearance in life, 24/3/12. He's always with me 24/7/365 and I love him so very much.

My real name is Piran if you really wanted to know.

If you want to see my least favourite Number, go to Eighteenn

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