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If you know me on some other platforms you might know I sometimes swear, but I promise I won't swear on this wiki. I know how dangerous this place can be. You have my word

Numberblocks Vector - Twelve (Rectangle).png This user loves Twelve so much that they want her rectangle rays.
Meeeeeeeeeee.png This user is a fan of Rectangl’r.
Nblobs.PNG This user is a fan of The Numberblobs.
Sitting.PNGEighteen.JPG This user is a fan of all of the Super Rectangles.
DiaQooeyArif.png This user is a fan of Arifmetix.
LOOKAT18.PNG This user hates Numberjacks so much they made Eighteen angry.
LBC pool meme.png This user thinks that Alphablocks deserve more love.

Nonbinary Two.jpg This user is an LGBT supporter.
Nbt.PNG This user thinks that Numberblocks toys should not be abused.
Scratch stolen.png This user wants people to stop stealing projects around Scratch.
DymCid.png This user is a hater of dym cids.
Dab.png This user is a fan of dabbing.

49E64E7D-2635-4CC1-A957-E2A37785EEA4.jpeg Zerro is eternally grateful.