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Hi! I'm Infinio, and I am the creator of Numberstairs. Welcome to the wiki. Do you want to be an admin? Well, here are my fanmade Alphablocks. There are a few. And also some have different personalities than the others. Some are Spanish, while others are Greek. They are very alike, but they do have some differences. Some act nice, while others act mean. They all teach you how to speak either Spanish or Greek. They all are fanmade Alphablocks. There are 51 all together. Would you like to meet them? Well, look down below. You will see many but very few content. Yes, they are all fanon if you forgot. And also they are all created by me. No vandalising any of these.

Spanish Alphablocks

A- Old design same. New design same but orange.

B- Same, but is dark blue

C- Same look but sometimes acts like a beachball when haring her name.

D- Darker green star. Still is a drum player.

E- Same.

F- Friends with E, still is a flyer, but not an astronaut. Can only get up into the sky, but not space.

G- Looks the same, but she can easily grow wings.

H- Same as English H, but is male and is J's brother. Still is yellow and red, but the shade of red looks more like One from Numberblocks. And also

I- Same, but is a male. Also likes to go like "Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" a lot.

J- Same but red and green. He likes jalapenos. He sometimes says that he'll eat catorce (fourteen) at a time. He is H's brother.

K- Same.

L- Same but is loud.

M- Same.

N- He is related to Enye. He often says "no", just like English Alphablock N. But he does it very quietly. He is actually very quiet most of the time.

Enye- Same as O, but is 25% red. Enye likes jalapenos just like J. Enye and J sometimes share their jalapenos. Sometimes when he tries to say "no", he ends up saying "nyo". That doesn't always happen, though.

O- Same, but says "oh" instead of "ah". He's good at English and Spanish. Of course Spanish because all of them speak Spanish.

P- Same.

Q- Same. Is friends with K and U.

R- Same, but is not a pirate, and the shade of red is more like Numberblock One's shade of red (in some episode slightly darker, though). And also is male instead of female.

S- Same. She is friends with C and E. She also can speak English and Russian. But she acts a lot like the English S. One time when she and B traveled to Alphaland and met the English Alphablocks, they created the fanon "Alphablocks Spelling Bee". S won. Her prize was a toy beach ball.

T- Same, but without the stripes. He was the first customer at L's lemonade/limonada stand. And also he acts like T from Alphablocks. However, he doesn't drink tea that much, but he does in the World Special in the Europe part/Part 3. And he is on one of the logos for the Consonant Club. That's because he's a common letter. S was once the logo too, because she's common as well.

U- Same. But says "Ooh." He does usually say regular words, though. And he says Spanish words that start with U a lot in "The U Song/La U Cancion". And he looks like the English Alphablock U. And also he is part of the Vowels Club. He always is angry, and his monstric form is red and dark red. I can't think of too much to tell you, so it will be short. Also he'll get really angry and throw a big fit if you take off his cap or glasses.

V- Same.

W- Same, but with no water in his letterbox. He also wears glasses and a helmet. He is a mix of U and V.

X- Same but without the mask and cape. Likes to play basketball.

Y- Same, but in vowel form. Also has no freckles and curl and the shade of yellow is more like Numberblock Three's shade of yellow.

Z- Same, but gray.

Greek Alphablocks

Alpha- Similar to A, but is seafoam.

Beta- Old design: Red version of B. New design: Same as B, but with the star is to colours: red and grey.

Gamma- Lives in the desert and is called "Gamma the Camel". Resembles a camel.

Delta- Is an airplane. Whoosh! Whoosh! Looks like a blue-gray-navy airplane with a red triangle on it, and triangular wings.

Epsilon- A green version of Alphablock E. Kinda got the idea from Punchcar63, whose Epsilon is also green.

Zeta- A half-villain half-normal Alphablock. Is white with purple hair.

Eta- Is basically Numberblock Six as an Alphablock.

Theta- A trigonometry Alphablock. Is blue-grey, yellow and red. Also has triangles on each color.

Iota- I don't know, what would an Iota do? Looks exactly like I from Alphablocks.

Kappa- A soccer/football player. Looks like K from Alphablocks.

Lambda- Helped make the series "Gamma the Camel". Looks like L from Alphablocks.

Mu- A cow. Eats grass. You could even milk Mu. Mu is very fun.

Nu- Purple with yellow sparkles. Is sometimes a boy, sometimes a girl.

Xi- Known as "Xi the Great". Looks like Alphablock X.

Omicron- A blue version of O from Alphablocks.

Pi- Is yellow. Wears a crown that looks exactly like Three from Numberblocks'. He is based on my fanmade Numberblock Pi. And he has orange eyebrows made of triangles. He gets really annoyed when he hears his sound too much. He is an angry guy. Yes, he also likes mathematics, similar to that of Theta and Tau. His favorite desert is pie. And he watches Numberblocks. He is very unlucky. He even designs his own Numberblocks. Yeah, his personality is very complicated. Also he and Iota tried to spell out "Pi" one time.

Rho- Is gray and a robot. Another inspiration from Punchcar63.

Sigma- Another math-related Alphablock. Is rainbow. Inspiration from Arifmetix (the Pi-block design and Punchcar63 whose Sigma is also rainbow).

Tau- Is similar to Numberblock Six's shade of purple, but 28% the color of Numberblock Seven's top block.

Upsilon- Is light blue, same shade as the English Alphablock B. And his catchphrase is "Oops!". Color inspiration from Arifmetix (the Pi-block design).

Phi- Is golden, because in mathematics Phi is the golden ration.

Chi- Is wild strawberry. Wears a white belt with blue stars on it.

Psi- White with a green outline/border. Inspiration from Arif, whose Pi-block Psi is also white with a green border, as seen in AMX-Tau's song.

Omega- Final Greek Alphablock. Looks just like O from Alphablocks.

Now it is time for my fanmade Numberblocks!

Zero- No blocks, looks like official but with one eye instead of none, and it has arms and legs.

Eleven- Looks just like One, but with two eyes and eleven blocks.

Twelve- Looks like Two, but with twelve blocks and red limbs, no glasses, socks or shoes, and a big clock on it. Also has red hexagonal eyes. And also the gender is female instead of male.

Thirteen- Same as Arif's, but with circular eyes. New design: Same but with ten white blocks with a red border, and three yellow blocks with no border.

Fourteen- Green with rainbow hair and beard. Inspiration from Arifmetix. New design has ten white blocks and four green blocks. (Note: The white blocks on the new design have a red border).

Fifteen- Dark blue with three star eyes. And three arms and gloves. New design is same but has ten white blocks with a red border and five sky blue blocks with no border.

Sixteen- Purple with dark purple limbs. Also has dark purple square eyes and eyebrows. Face is spread out al over the blocks. New design has ten white blocks in a U shape with a red border and six purple blocks in a 2x3 rectangle. He is a car driver. And he has his own "numbercar" where he can drive in.

Seventeen- Old design is violet with purple limbs. New design has ten white blocks with a red border and seven rainbow blocks. And he goes on Wikipedia a lot.

Eighteen- Old design is eighteen pink blocks. New design has ten white blocks with a red border in the shape of a square with an odd block in the middle and eight pink blocks shaped in 3+3+1>1 (up to down). He is a super rectangle and his face looks like the official Twelve's but is all dark pink. And he has dark pink limbs with a magenta array display.

Nineteen- Old design nineteen grey blocks with dark grey limbs. New design has ten white blocks with a red border and nine grey blocks. Also in new design is an opera singer.

Twenty- Old design is white with an orange border. And has four star eyes and four arms and gloves. New design has two ten-pointed star eyes. New design is an inspiration from AHT.

Twenty-One- First design is rainbow, with three blocks each color. Second design has twenty with blocks with an orange border and one red block with a purple step-mask and rainbow hair, eyebrows and beard. Third design is the same as the second but the white blocks are now peach. And there is a double orange border, each border going around ten blocks.

Twenty-Two- First design is well, just a bigger Two. Second design has twenty white blocks with an orange border and two orange blocks. Third is the same but a coach. Fourth design is same but the white blocks are replaced with peach blocks.

We're taking a break from these fanmade Numberblocks for now, so be sure to check out this cartoon!:


I like being nothing and stuff that comes in zeros!


But I think being One is fun, not Zero.


I love dancing so much that I want to dance right now!


But I think juggling is the best thing in the world, not being zero, not being one or dancing.


But I love squares the most!


I like stars and high fiving other Numberblocks.


I think that rolling the dice is the most fun thing in the world!


No, being lucky is more fun than rolling dice!


Having super powers to save other Numberblocks is the best thing in the world. Not being zero, not being one, not dancing, not juggling, not square, not stars, not high fiving other people, not rolling dice, and not being lucky!


Not sneezing is the fun thing. Argument over!


Being ten is the most fun thing, and becoming a rocket and flying to the moon is the second most fun thing.


Playing football is the most fun thing in the world!


No. Making rectangles is the most fun thing in the world.


Being unlucky makes me feel happy in episodes, but it sure is a bit bad!


Skating is the most fun thing in the world. Argument over!


I think being a secret agent is the most fun thing.


Square parties are the most fun thing in the world!


Painting is the most fun thing.


Being a super rectangle is very fun, but being super speedy and fast is the most fun thing!


Making crazy shapes is the most fun thing.


Dancing is really, really, really, really fun, but my favorite kind of dance is the Two Tens Tango!


Exploring is the most fun thing in the world!


Being two football teams is the most fun thing in the world.


Uhh… I agree with Nineteen. Making crazy shapes is the most fun thing in the world.


Looking at clocks is the most fun and interesting thing in the world!


Patterns are the most fun thing in the world.
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