My Fanmade Numberblocks

0.1 - He is Tenth of a Block and No Arms.

0.5 - He is Half of a Block.

1.5 - A.K.A. Vermone, He is Vermillion and has Purple Limbs.

2.5 - She is Sunlight and has 2 Clown Hats and 2.5 Buttons.

3.5 - A.K.A. Olive, He is Lime and has 3 Clown Hats and has 3.5 Buttons.

9.5 - He is Almost Ten

==Fanmade Numberblocks:==
13 - He is Yellow with Red Borders, Red Eyes and Lips, Olive Limbs.

14 - He is Like 7, But is Double Rainbows and Has Green Limbs.

15 - She is Blue with Red Borders, She has 3 Blue Star Eyes and Limbs. She Wears 3 Gloves 1 Star on It.

16 - He is Called Square-Square and On Top is Purple On Bottom is Green, has Purple Square Eyes and Lips, 4 Square Eyebrows and Maroon Limbs.

17 - She is Violet with Red Borders.

18 - He is Pink with Red Borders, Likes to Play Golf. Like 1's Eyes Lips and Limbs.

20 - She is like 10 but orange colored with purple limbs.

21 - He is Like 7 But is Triple Rainbows and Has Red Limbs.

24 - He is Rectangular Blocks, He is Green with Orange Borders.

25 - She is like 5 but is Square with 5 Square Eyebrows.

26 - He likes Alphablocks, He is Purple with Orange Borders, Vowel is Green, Consonant is Yellow.

27 - She is 3x3x3, She is Cube with 3 Square Eyebrows.

28 - He is Quad Lucky, He is Like 7 has Pink Limbs.

30 - She is like 10 but Yellow Colored with Red Limbs.

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