I am Guaca! I LOVE Numberblocks. It give me things to create and draw. I like all the Numberblocks, but Six is my absolute favorite. I run a business on the wiki called “Guacamole Gacha”, where I Gacha-fy fannmade Numberblocks for people on request. You can leave a message on my message wall asking me to do one (or more XD) for you.

Yeah.... that's it for now.


[insert error buzzer sound effect here]
This user got a strike. They also got a warning.
Three strikes and that user will end up like Three.


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Sorry ’bout that.... You see, I was attempting to add my fanmade 16 to the gallery. I was very confused about what to do and, being the taco shell of avocado mush I am, didn’t know what overwrite meant, until the accident, anyways. I had accidentally replaces ALL pictures of Rectanglr’s 16 with mine. Once and after I figure out what to do, this won’t happen again. Till then, anything like this that happens due to me is purely accidental. Once again, sorry.

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