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Thank you, feli!

i am Feli, (call me roldan) and i hate peppa pig (even i wacth her sometimes)

My Fan-made Numberblocks:

16: he has a bow

17: she is cute

18: he is COOOLLLL :D

19: likes to fly and snezzes (he is 10+9)

20: my fisrt design has 4 stars and he has 10's gloves, my second is a woman and has glaases like 2

21: he likes to juggle and he is lucky (3x7)

23: crazy shaper like nineteen

49: a lucky square

51: he is an alien that belongs to area 51 and got free

64: he is 8x8 and a squareoctoblock

88: 8 football teams and he is a footballtoblock but he does ''not'' have tentacles an octagon or a cape, RIDICULUS

110: ten fottball teams

400: is like 4


777: an angel

911: he had a father that died in 9/11 :(

infinity: the biggest :)

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i was born on....

  • 11ª june 2011
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