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Reason(s): This is my page, what would you else think?

What’s up everyone? I’m Dodeca D, and I’m a Numberblocks fan that joined in early-mid 2021, so I’m a bit new to this community. I’m also in the OSC, and an artist that sometimes likes to draw art. I also use Scratch, but only for mainly making my fanmade Numberblocks, though I might try and do other projects soon.

Numberblocks Opinions

Favourite Numberblock(s): Six, Eight, Thirteen, Sixteen, Eighteen (They’re all so cool in my opinion)

Least Favourite Numberblock: Three (She sometimes acts really stupid and greedy)

Favourite Episode(s): Square On The Moon, Loop The Loop, The Big One, Land Of The Giants (Very interesting episodes that I love)

Least Favourite Episode: One, Two, Three! (Pretty boring episode that just shows Three playing games with One and Two, though it does teach something), Fruit Salad (Three is just WAY too greedy in this episode)

Favourite Season: Season 8 (There are so many interesting concepts in these episodes and introduces lots of new characters)

Least Favourite Season: Season 1/High Five! (There’s only 5 Numberblocks in there, but it makes sense, as it’s the first season)

Favourite Song(s): Four On The Floor, Fourteen, Six (They sound awesome in my opinion, especially Four On The Floor)

Least Favourite Song: Don’t know…

More Facts About Me

  • The art app I use for drawing art is IbisPaintX, but mostly for Non-Numberblocks Stuff. I might soon try some NB art on that app.
  • My editing skills on Scratch aren’t the best, as I haven’t used Scratch often. Hence, I’ve managed to make fanmade Numberblocks.
  • If you didn’t know, I’m the creator of the Numberblocks - Number Comparison video on YT, which gained a few million views. I’ve also made other videos on that channel as well, like size comparisons and BFDI content.
  • I play lots of Incremental Games, which is a reason why I love Large Numbers and Googology.
  • I’m around neutral over Dym Cids. Things I don’t like about them is that they’re very immature, can become very annoying and their low quality content. However, I do sometimes get a laugh at their hilariously bad designs of Numberblocks and episode predictions.
  • The assets I use on Scratch are AuryTube's, for several reasons:
    • Blue Mist assets are used WAY too much on NB Scratch projects. You literally see 98% of these projects having BM assets.
    • These assets are more accurate to the show than BM, especially the numberlings.
    • A lot of the better Scratch users use these, minus a couple of others like ButterBlaziken230.
  • I also have a Scratch account that you can check out here:

My Numberblock OCs


Gender: Female

Numberblock: 47

Nickname: The Enthusiastic Daredevil

Personality: Yoyla is a young, friendly purple Numberblock who likes Yoyleberries, but is also a daredevil and likes to do tough challenges. She sometimes acts tough though (Like my figured-out Forty-Eight), so others need to go easy around her at times. She’s also rather cute too.

Occupation: None

Fun Fact: She is actually based off of one of my Object OCs, named Yoyle Token, who also is a daredevil.

My Fanmade Numberblocks

Can be seen here.