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Hi, I'm DanvilleGeorge. I'm thinking of making a Numberblocks fan series that goes through topics like telling the time, parentheses in equations, and exponents.

My Fan Made Numberblocks

Twenty Four: Twenty Four is a super rectangle made of two Twelves. He's a super rectangle made of super rectangles. His face is slightly resembles a clock.

Twenty Eight: Twenty Eight can split into four sevens or 1+2+3+4+5+6+7. She's the seventh member of the Step Squad. She has a rainbow four-leaf clover.

Twenty Nine: Twenty Nine (aka Leoblock) has a 5x2x2 cuboid torso and a 3x3 square mane. He wears a copper crown.

Thirty One: Thirty One is an expert at planning schedules. He can utilize a pencil like Nineteen does. His design is based off a calendar because the days in month can go up to 31 days.

Thirty Six: Thirty Six (aka Cheetahblock) is a square, a super rectangle, and the eighth member of the Step Squad. She's extremely speedy so she get to places in a short amount of time.

My Fan Art

Twenty Four

Twenty Eight


Thirty One