Rip fourteen 2019 - 2019 he got buried in snow.png This user hates Fourteen so much that they had to bury him in snow.
878BA6D9-D428-4D38-975F-6419F7BB6E4E.jpeg This user loves Seventeen so much that they had to draw seventeen portraits of him.

[insert error buzzer sound effect here]
This user got a strike. They also got a warning.
Three strikes and that user will end up like Three.

Swapping the templates around... CAN YOU PLEASE STOP SWAPPING TEMPLATE INFOS?!

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'''"What am i, [[Template:Strike|<font color = ff0000>Justin Timberlake?</font>]]!"'''

''Hey you! You're safe. The poster isn't. And Don't Forget

About Mathemaaaaaaaatics''


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