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Hi I'm Sunny B) I use She/He/They pronouns

Take a moment to look at Nineteen <3 also the other numbers i guess

IMG 20190618 200154 707.jpg This user loves the fact that Nineteen is a one-off.
19dancing.JPG This user is a fan of Nineteen.
DARK MATTER SKETCH.PNG This user thinks Nineteen is an anime meme.

92D855BF-2297-4E1D-AE49-BBE11EA20097.jpeg This user is a fan of Fifteen.

B5D5F212-CC49-41A6-99DB-80EC5F08BAE2.jpeg This user loves Fifteen so much that they would climb fifteen staircases to impress her.
Bestface 2.PNG This user is a fan of Three's silly face.
3fan new.PNG This user is a fan of Three.
17fan new.PNG This user is a fan of Seventeen.
878BA6D9-D428-4D38-975F-6419F7BB6E4E.jpeg This user loves Seventeen so much that they made 17 portraits of him.
28fan.PNG This user is a fan of Twenty-Eight.
13Better.png This user loves Thirteen a lot, even though (or because) he is unlucky.
70672CFD-E361-4E9A-A968-1A476F470932.jpeg This user is a fan of Thirteen.
Sitting.PNGEighteen.JPG This user is a fan of all of the Super Rectangles.