aka Alistair

  • I live in United States I guess...
  • I was born on August 16
  • My occupation is Owning an Ice Cream Truck
  • I am Really cool boi


Im not Stupid

My Years Old


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Fraction Blocks

0.25:A pink block with blue polka dots He is Male And Has Red Arms,Legs.He also has black eyebrows that are thin like doodles And he has two eyes. 0.50:Two 0.25s And She looks like Two square pieces of pepperoni Pizza she has eyelashes and two eyes. 0.75:He has one red block and two blue blocks with yellow limbs and also has red arms,his nickname is odd,And Also Has A Crown Like Three but the the tops has purple circles and the crown is brown.And last He is male and has crazy hair.

Proto Type NumberBlocks

558:Her Face Looks More Like Unikittys Face She Is all 100% Looking Like Unkitty One blue Leg and other yellow One Arm Yellow Another Blue.

21:This Step Shaped big Girl Is A Special Step Shaped Numberblock With A Green Head Band And Purple 6 step eye shape With 20 Tan Blocks With Orange Boarders And 1 Red Block

Userboxes I Used

58FCB33B-CA2B-45FC-BB01-48965CAA1F5D This user is a fan of NO ME GUSTA... and don't question about the image.
Birthday (Anniversary) Celebration

Today is no one’s birthday anniversary. Wait, aren’t there other people whose birthday anniversary is today? Great.
22E76203-5790-4E05-A14F-8380A887160F9AC65C98-2D4D-4A37-BE93-3AC040A6EF55 This user hates others plagiarizing others’ content.
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New Fourteen Image This user is a fan of Fourteen.
FOURTEEN WHAT THE HECK This user thinks Fourteen is an anime meme.
5D296EE1-3599-4E87-BD1E-2A1183DC7734 This user likes to see One cry.
Slahd laik crazy This user is a fan of Memeysaucekinpai.
18D5393D-24D8-4992-9E0D-B61715238190 This user hates kewl dawgs so much that he or she is literally chasing one right now.
8ECEC353-91F2-4CF9-9605-2C92F650B25C This user is way too ahead of their time.
2872E5EC-46E6-4156-B548-EEF4B6660CF5 This user is a hater of Big Tum.
No5ive This user is a hater of 5ivefinger.
197B9CE3-DFD4-4C8B-9161-448259F71AC6 This user is a hater of ZIXX.

[[Category:{{{1}}} will wake you up!]]

814A29CA-C6D3-4540-BBEF-0B84DE6286EC ...are frogs okay?
Y-0 This user is a fan of Y.
9B84D127-2803-44F6-99C7-8252A7A712DA814A29CA-C6D3-4540-BBEF-0B84DE6286EC This user likes frogs.
Small This user is a fan of really big numbers.

What’s wrong with dogs? Template:This User likes to break Fourth walls but what about the fifth? Template:BUT MY LEGS ARE TOO LONG!

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