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Fraction Blocks

0.25:A pink block with blue polka dots He is Male And Has Red Arms,Legs.He also has black eyebrows that are thin like doodles And he has two eyes. 0.50:Two 0.25s And She looks like Two square pieces of pepperoni Pizza she has eyelashes and two eyes. 0.75:He has one red block and two blue blocks with yellow limbs and also has red arms,his nickname is odd,And Also Has A Crown Like Three but the the tops has purple circles and the crown is brown.And last He is male and has crazy hair.

Proto Type NumberBlocks

558:Her Face Looks More Like Unikittys Face She Is all 100% Looking Like Unkitty One blue Leg and other yellow One Arm Yellow Another Blue.

21:This Step Shaped big Girl Is A Special Step Shaped Numberblock With A Green Head Band And Purple 6 step eye shape With 20 Tan Blocks With Orange Boarders And 1 Red Block

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