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Numberblock 54.PNG|Fifty-Four
Numberblock 54.PNG|Fifty-Four
Numberblock 55.PNG|[[Fifty-Five (character)|Fifty-Five]]
Numberblock 55.PNG|[[Fifty-Five (character)|Fifty-Five]]
Numberblock 56 by Ryan.PNG|[[Fifty-Six (character)|Fifty-Six]]
Numberblock 56 by Ryan.PNG|[[Fifty-Six]]
Numberblock 57.PNG|[[Fifty-Seven (Character)|Fifty-Seven]]
Numberblock 57.PNG|[[Fifty-Seven (Character)|Fifty-Seven]]
Numberblock 58.PNG|Fifty-Eight
Numberblock 58.PNG|Fifty-Eight

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Bluetiful This user is a fan of Bluetiful.
FOURS PET SCARES ME This user is a fan of Four.
Five about to give a high-five This user is a fan of Five.
SIX This user is a fan of Six.
7 better This user is a fan of Seven.
8 2x4 This user is a fan of Eight.
Hey This user loves Eight so much that they like to see his funny faces.
9 square This user is a fan of Nine.
X1080-JgH This user loves Nine so much that they see him glow.
Ten Balloons This user is a fan of Ten.
Eleven This user is a fan of Eleven.
Sitting This user is a fan of Twelve.
70672CFD-E361-4E9A-A968-1A476F470932 This user is a fan of Thirteen.
F7209E61-BAC1-474C-8D54-3D2146144662 This user is a fan of Fourteen.
92D855BF-2297-4E1D-AE49-BBE11EA20097 This user is a fan of Fifteen.
Ук3 This user is a fan of Seventeen.
Eighteen This user is a fan of Eighteen.
19dancing This user is a fan of Nineteen.
IMG 20190618 200154 707 This user thinks Nineteen is a one-off and they love that.
OfficialTwenty This user is a fan of Twenty.
Nung This user is a fan of Twenty-One.
IMG 20190704 152356 This user likes Twenty-One so much they overreacted when they saw this image.
Numberblock 22! This user is a fan of Twenty-Two.
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Blushing Hinata This user hates the fact that summer is coming to an end.


What if the Compound Numberblocks figured themselves out?

23 = Twenty-Three she will be a knight.

24 = Twenty-Four will be a fast rectangle as Eighteen. She is a sister of Twelve.

26 = Twenty-Six she will be double unlucky as Thirteen.

27 = Twenty-Seven will be a cube. She is triple 9.

28 = Twenty-Eight will be a step-squad she likes with Seven.

29 = Twenty-Nine she will be a rabbit.

31 = Thirty-One she will be a pumpkin. Halloween will be Thirty-One's favorite holiday.

32 = Thirty-Two will be a super rectangle. The first one is Twelve, while the second is Eighteen, and the third is Twenty-Four. She is also double-sixteen.

33 = Thirty-Three will be a cheerleader. She is triple-eleven.

34 = Thirty-Four will be like Seventeen. He will be a professional painter.

35 = Thirty-Five she will be good at driving.

36 = Thirty-Six she likes a Square, Step squad and Rectangle

37 = Thirty-Seven will be sweet. She is a caterpillar.

38 = Thirty-Eight will be a sister of Twenty-Three.

39 = Thirty-Nine will be triple unlucky. The first is Thirteen, the second being Twenty-Six. she is bowling

41 = Forty-One will be Serpentblock.

43 = Forty-Three will be a Rattlesnakeblock.

44 = Forty-Four will maybe focus on football, however, will teach that he is a Stormer number.

45 = Forty Five will be on the Step Squad. She will join on the "Super Rectangle Group".

46 = Forty-Six will do nothing but to be gloomy. she is doctor

47 = Forty-Seven will be a funny bouncy Tiggerblock! He will be a Tigger.

48 = Forty-Eight will be a super rectangle. She is similar to Sixteen. (which is triple Sixteen)

49 = Forty-Nine will pretend to be a table but is appreciated in square club. and she square

51 = Fifty-One she will be intelligent alien

52 = Fifty-Two will be quadruple unluckier. she is unlucky

53 = Fifty-Three will be a bowler. she bowler

54 = Same as Twelve, Eighteen, Twenty-Three, Thirty-Two, and Forty-Eight. He has a deep voice and is similar to Eighteen.

55 = Fifty-Five is both football or Step Squad. she is 5 football

56 = Same as Twelve, Eighteen, Twenty-Three, Thirty-Two, Forty-Eight, and Fifty-Four. Fifty-Six will be a very lucky super rectangle! She can teleport in anywhere.

57 = Fifty-Seven will be actually a female. She is a multiple of 19. She goes crazy.

58 = Fifty-Eight will be a kind 2 by 29 rectangle. She doesn't care about her blocks sticking out while attempting to make a super-rectangle. She has arrays in her bottom, her sides, except for his top. She will be friends with Eighteen.

59 =

61 =

62 = He is mistaken as a fat pumpkin because he wears a pumpkin shape.

63 = She is similar to Twenty-One.

64 = Sixty-Four is a square numberblock and will be a partner with Sixteen. she is 4 16s

65 = Five times unluckier but sad and gloomier. she sad

66 =

67 =

68 = Same as Thirty-Four or Seventeen. He is calm and he likes to sculpt with clay.

69 =

71 =

72 = She is double 36 and a DJ too.

73 =

74 = She is a butterfly and is double 37's.

75 =

76 =

77 =

78 = Splits into 6 Thirteens, splits into 13 Sixes. She is the first unlucky step squad member.

79 =

82 = She is a reptilian one-off. She makes every reptilian shapes. (ex. snake, crocodile, dinosaur, Tyrannosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Spinosaurus, tortoise, cobra, goanna, gator, sauropod, theropod, thorny devil, etc.)

83 =

84 = Eighty-Four she will be helpful and kind and nice.

85 = She is a painter like Seventeen.

86 = She is a cobra.

87 =

88 =

89 =

91 = Both lucky or unlucky. The 9th member of the Step Squad Squad. (1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 8 + 9 + 10 + 11 + 12 + 13,7 x 13). she is step squad

92 =

93 =

94 = She is double Tiggerblock! Part double, part Tiggerblock!

95 = She is 5 x 19. She make lots of different shapes. (Similar to Nineteen.) She is a fan of Lightning McQueen.

96 = She is 16 x 6 and she does play games and celebrate parties.

97 = He has a seven-block laying non top that way he doesn't have to worry about problems.

98 = Excited about being lucky like Seven! he is talked

99 = He is 11 by 9 or 9 football teams.

104 = He is 8 x 13.

105 = She is the 10th member of the Step Squad. (Thanks to Fifteen and Twenty-One) She has a bag and she is a explorer like Twenty-One. Her favorite movie is Indiana Jones.

151 = She is Mew from Pokemon.

169 = She is an unlucky square.

184 = is he dog

225 = She is a square agent.

240 = She is a Mother of 24.

400 = He is similar to Twenty. (20 x 20) He loves to dance like Two, Twenty, and Two-Hundred.

500 = She is a perfect pro at music.

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