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And Yes i got a strike for editing Thirteen (character) i edited thirteen for fun, Sorry I was really bored


[insert error buzzer sound effect here]
This user got a strike. They also got a warning.
Three strikes and that user will end up like Three.
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Even if you undid your own "Ur Mom" edit -- if it got saved, it's vandalism.

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54EA9A26-3DC5-475E-98B7-D4A60CA2C74C.jpeg This user is actually Minecraft and Eleven doesn't like that.
70672CFD-E361-4E9A-A968-1A476F470932.jpeg This user is a fan of Thirteen.

Hi, im Neksio and im 24 Years old.

7fan new.PNG This user is a fan of Seven.


F4FB69AF-916B-40E5-86BD-526169F0E0B3.jpeg This user likes to see Four cry.
1 without Numberling.jpg This user takes One's Numberling away because they want her to cry.
X1080-JgH.jpg This user loves Nine so much that they see him glow.
14epsode.JPG This user loves Fourteen and double rainbows.