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"I don't think I've seen Twoland before!"Four
This page is about the episode. For the place, see Twoland (place).

Twoland is the eighth episode of Season 7 of Numberblocks, and the 98th episode overall.


What if Two was the first Numberblock? Imagine that!



  • This interview briefly talks about this episode.
  • This is Nineteen's first appearance in an episode airing in 2021
    • This is also the first episode released in 2021 where everyone from One to Twenty appear in the same episode.
  • The full episode on YouTube is referred to as the separated "Two Land" instead of the actual "Twoland".
  • This is the first (if not only) time that Twenty shapeshifts into shapes that aren’t rectangles on his own (not being part of a compound), and the second time ever.
  • Twenty was there before the ones rained, so Twenty-One is assumed to be created along with the other odd numbers, but she got blocked by the trees.
    • This is probably because episodes of each level comes in fives, so this episode is Yellow Level 3, which means 21 and on isn't supposed to appear.
  • Nine is referred to by Eighteen as an "Impossible to count number" due to the fact that odd numbers do not exist in Twoland before the Ones appeared.
    • Same with Seven by Fourteen, who tries to split into two of the said number, but ends up with Eight and Six instead.
  • This episode has the shortest name out of all Season 7 episodes, with 7 letters. (Double lucky, double 7!)
  • The term "sometwo" is a reference to the term "everytwo" said in Terrible Twosday.
  • This episode can be considered the sequel to Land of the Giants.


  • The same error what happened in Terrible Twosday happens in this episode, where "Octoblock umbrella" gets mis-rendered as "Auto block umbrella"
  • Eighteen's "Switch!" is recycled from his debut episode, and is used in the wrong context, as he really turns.
  • Also, when Eighteen counts his rays he says "2 4 6 8 9- Impossible to count Number of Rays!". At the moment, he said that his pupils were in different positions but this could be necessary or an error.
  • In a scene where twos start raining into a staircase, the Fourteen that becomes Sixteen has 1's numberling. Also, the Ten who becomes Twelve has greyish white pupils.
  • When Twenty shapeshifts into a "wide staircase", the borders that divide him into two tens are missing.



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