Twenty, or 20, is a Numberblock who is made of twenty blocks.

He is voiced by Marcel McCalla.


Twenty wears a purple hat and has twenty apricot-coloured blocks with orange borders. He has a white bow, purple glasses and eyebrows and also has dark orange limbs. He wears tap dancing shoes. He has an orange array display which means he is another super rectangle. He has a white cane with red stripes.


He is a tango dancer who likes to strut his stuff and dance the Two Tens Tango.

Prototype Designs

Gabe Sotillo's first original design of Twenty is female red with dark red lips and limbs. She has decagram eyes each in two different colors - orange and yellow for the left eye and green and blue for the right. She has four arms with gloves in orange, yellow, green, and blue. She is a mix of the first five Numberblocks.

Gabe Sotillo's second original design of Twenty is like Ten, but with an orange border, light orange lips and dark orange limbs. She has two stars on each glove, one red and one orange, and decagram eyes in red and orange. She is a mix of the first two Numberblocks.

Arif Khamis-Yussuf‏'s first original design of 20 has 4 star eyes and has 2 gloves, and 2 stars on her nineteenth block.

Arif Khamis-Yussuf's second design is the same as the first, but has 2 stars on each glove.

Arif Khamis-Yussuf's third design is the same as the first two, but has four arms and gloves - two red and two orange. He is a mix of the first two Numberblocks.

Arif Khamis-Yussuf's fourth design has purple outer eyes, purple limbs which have no gloves, he has stars on his 14 to 16 blocks, all representing 5, 10, 15, and 20.

TSRITW's real life design is 20 2x2 Lego bricks.

TSRITW's drawn design has the same colors as his real life design. She has black round eyes and black limbs. According to him, she likes drinking Dos Equis, clearly for the pun.

PBS66Wikia's design is a mashup of Numberblocks 10 and 2. He has two ten-blocks with orange borders, four hands and gloves, four purple star eyes, two dancing shoes, and he is 4x5.

ALARM BOB OMB's design of Twenty is orange but he can say BOO.

Yokai's design of Twenty is a wizard.


  • Twenty could have two 10-blocks (10 × 2 = 20), just like Ten has one 10-block (as revealed in the episode Ten). However, it was also possible that Twenty has an orange border to remove confusion (which he has).
    • He had the least predictable design than the rest of 11-19.
    • Some people even talked about the design, questioning if it would start a flame war.
  • Twenty is the first male Numberblock that is a multiple of 5.
  • The reason why Twenty has purple features and glasses like Two is because Twenty has 2 tens while Two has 2 ones.
  • Twenty has a "watch", similar to 12 and 18's array displays, which causes fans to speculate that Twenty is a super-rectangle without even knowing he is. (Twenty has been confirmed a super-rectangle on Twitter by Numberblocks.)
  • Twenty is voiced by the same person as Two, Four, Eight, and Thirteen (Marcel McCalla). This explains why Twenty sounds like Two.
    • Therefore, Twenty is the first multiple of Ten to be voiced by the same person as the Numberblock they split into ten of (Two).
  • When Twenty makes a compound Numberblock, he loses his hat and stick (except at the end of I Can Count to Twenty)



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