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"I don't think I've seen Twenty (character) before!"Four
This page is about the character(s). For the episode, see Twenty (episode).

Twenty, or 20, is a Numberblock who is made of twenty blocks.

He is voiced by Marcel McCalla.


20 has a apricot body with two oval eyes and a rose pink mouth. He has titian limbs and has an ebony Numberling on top of him. He also has plum purple, wide, oval glasses a snow white bowtie and a lavender, carrot coloured hat on his 10th block. He also has a salmon and milk white cane.


He is a tango dancer who likes to strut his stuff and dance the Two Tens Tango. He can also split into a chorus line of ten tap-dancing Twos ("the Ten Twos Hot Shoes Show"; this alter-ego appeared in Twenty's namesake episode and three others (Flights of Fancy, More To Explore and Two Times Shoe Shop).

Episode Appearances


  • 20 could have two 10-blocks (10 × 2 = 20), just like 10 has one 10-block (as revealed in the episode Ten). However, it was also possible that 20 has an orange border to remove confusion (which he has).
    • He had the least predictable design than the rest of 11-19.
    • Some people even talked about the design, questioning if it would start a flame war.
  • 20 is the first male Numberblock that is a multiple of 5.
  • The reason why 20 has purple features and glasses like 2 is because 20 has 2 tens while Two has 2 ones.
  • 20 has a "watch", similar to 12 and 18's array displays, which causes fans to speculate that Twenty is a super-rectangle without even knowing he is. (Twenty has been confirmed a super-rectangle on Twitter by Numberblocks.)
    • The theory is confirmed false though as of Club Picnic, Twenty receives his Super Rectangle badge so now he probably knew he was the whole time.
    • Also, in Rectangle Racers, he uses his array display.
  • Twenty is voiced by the same person as 2, 4, 8, and 13 (Marcel McCalla). This explains why 20 sounds like 2.
    • Therefore, 20 is the first multiple of 10 to be voiced by the same person as the Numberblock they split into ten of (Two).
  • When 20 makes a compound Numberblock, he loses his hat and stick (except at the end of I Can Count to Twenty)
  • Twenty has 6 factors
  • Twenty is the first Super Rectangle to not have rectangle eyes, rather having round glasses.