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Twenty-Two, or 22, is a Numberblock made of 22 blocks. He is voiced by David Holt.



Before being figured out, Twenty-Two was a Twenty and a Two joined together.


After being figured out, Twenty-Two has a big blue eye, and a small red eye. He also has 2 blue limbs, 2 red limbs, 1 blue shoe, 1 red shoe and pink lips.

In Season 6, his pupils were the same size as Eleven's, but that was changed in Season 7 when his rigs were re-made.


Twenty-Two is a Numberblock who loves football, and this shows best in a particular ability he has: he can split into two Elevens, one red and one blue, who then can function as two sports teams, able to either play against each other or split into Ones to have an entire football match. Football requires a nice team to work with, and Twenty-Two is a great fit.

Twenty-Two is a friendly Numberblock, seeming to enjoy being around his friends. He happily indulges in his friends' interests, such as by going to Ten's gym in How Rectangly. This care also extends to him wanting to see the success of his friends, as he had come along when Twenty-Three and Twenty-Four wanted to figure themselves out in the same episode. Twenty-Two also validates his friends' ideas, as he showed how his own experiences matched up with Twenty-One's suggestion to help the two figure themselves out.

Twenty-Two is also a very simple-minded Numberblock. He didn't feel the need to take too much time exploring many details about himself, instead figuring himself out based on the first thing he found out about himself in Twenty-One and On. Even after this, his interests continue to stay very basic, as he tends to focus specifically on football, especially in regards to him being able to split into two Elevens. Overall, Twenty-Two is shown to have a very carefree nature.

Episode Appearances


Twenty-Two is two football teams.

2D (12/345,532,572,678)

Figured-Out (10)
Compound Only (1)
Player Card (1)




  • Twenty-Two resembles Eleven, obviously because Eleven is a football team, so Twenty-Two is an entire football game (2 teams).
    • Though 11 is 1 team and 22 is 2 teams, it may not be likely for Thirty-Three to be 3 teams, since 2 teams is the maximum amount of teams required for an entire football game.
  • Starting from How Rectangly!, he gets a slight redesign, where his pupils are bigger.
  • He and Eleven are so far the only characters to have different sized eyes. Fifty-Five, despite being a repdigit, does not share this attribute.


  • Twenty-Two is the smallest composite number to not be in the times tables (up to 10)
    • The UK requires children to learn the times tables up to 12, which if so Twenty-Six will be the smallest not to be in the tables. However, the Numberblocks times tables episodes only go up to ten.
  • Twenty-Two is also the smallest composite repdigit.