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Twenty-Two or 22 is a Numberblock made of 22 blocks. He is voiced by David Holt, who also voices Seven, Nine, Fourteen, Seventeen, and some of The Numberblobs.



Before being figured out, Twenty-Two was a Twenty and a Two joined together.


After being figured out, Twenty-Two has a big blue eye, and a small red eye. He also has 2 blue limbs, 2 red limbs, 1 blue shoe, 1 red shoe and pink lips.

In Season 6, his pupils were the same size as Eleven's, but that was changed in Season 7 when his rigs were re-made.

Episode Appearances



  • Twenty-Two resembles Eleven, obviously because Eleven is a football team, so Twenty-Two is an entire football game (2 teams).
    • Though 11 is 1 team and 22 is 2 teams, It may not be likely for Thirty-Three to be 3 teams, since 2 teams is already enough.
  • Twenty-Two's voice is kind of similar to Alphablock E's, but slightly deeper.
  • Before Season 7 came, he appeared the least out of all the Numberblocks (figured out), only appearing once. In counting scenes, he is represented by compound 22.
    • This used to be the fact of Zero before she returned in "Fifteen's Minute of Fame", and is currently the fact for Thirty-One and Thirty-Five.
  • He also only says one sentence during his only appearance until How Rectangly!.
    • "I am 22! And I am 2 football teams".
    • Currently this also applies to Thirty-One.
  • Starting from How Rectangly!, he gets a slight redesign, where his pupils are bigger.
  • He and Eleven are the only characters to have different sized eyes (for now).


  • Twenty-Two is the smallest composite number to not be in the times tables (up to 10)
    • The UK requires children to learn the times tables up to 12, which if so Twenty-Six will be the smallest not to be in the tables. However, the Numberblocks times tables episodes only go up to ten.
  • Twenty-Two is also the smallest composite repdigit.