Twenty-Two or 22 is a Numberblock made of 22 blocks.



Before being figured out, Twenty-Two was a Twenty and a Two joined together.


After being figured out, Twenty-Two has a big blue eye, and a small red eye. He also has 2 blue limbs, 2 red limbs, 1 blue shoe, 1 red shoe and pink lips.

Fanmade designs

Gabe Sotillo's original design of Twenty-Two is yellow with green hendecagonal (11x2) glasses-like eyes and limbs and pink lips.

JayWaddington04's original design of Twenty-Two is orange with dark orange borders. She has orange eleven-sticks on his eyes as she is 11x2.

Arif Khamis-Yussuf's original design of Twenty-Two is peach with two orange eyes on the sides of his head, meaning 11x2. He has orange lips and limbs.

TSRITW's design is orange and purple.

PBS66Wikia's design is orange with an orange border, two sets of glasses, six shoes, and he is 2x11.

OfficialPepsiCola's design has 4 rows of 5 of the 20 blocks and two orange blocks on the side of her head she also has purple eyes and purple limbs and socks and orange star shoes and eyelashes



  • Twenty-Two resembles Eleven, obviously because Eleven is a football team, so Twenty-Two is an entire football game (2 teams).
    • Though 11 is 1 team and 22 is 2 teams, It may not be likely for Thirty-Three to be 3 teams, since 2 teams is already enough.
  • Twenty-Two's voice is kind of similar to K's, but slightly deeper.
  • He appears the least out of all the Numberblocks (figured out), only appearing once. Other appearances from him are represented by compound 22.
    • This used to be the fact of Zero before she returned in "Fifteen's Minute of Fame".
  • He also only says 1 sentence in his only figured out episode.
    • "I am 22! And I am 2 football teams".
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