Twenty-Three or 23 is an upcoming Numberblock made of 23 blocks.


21 cannot discover who 23 is as 23 refuses to shift any blocks, saying, "I am happy being me (twenty and three)". 21 gets annoyed and says that she wants to explore more instead of letting 23 be twenty and three. Twenty takes off the three and says, "I've got a bus back there!"

Fanmade Designs

Arifmetix's design of Twenty-Three is light pink with indigo lips and limbs and two red eyes with one long red eyelash on each eye. She likes bugs, especially ladybugs.

TSRITW's 1st design of Twenty-Three is green with two antenna, a yellow-orange party hat and six orange limbs, two arms and four legs. He likes parties because TSRITW's birthday is June 23.

TSRITW's 2nd design of Twenty-Three has uneven eyebrows and large eyes. He's obsessed with the 23 enigma.

Jayden and melanie678’s design is blue with red antenna, some party shoes that are green and blue and a bow tie with yellow limbs. He likes to dance like Twenty is because Ericafan345 likes to dance as well.

ThatGuy30722's design of 23 loves ghosts, monsters, and that sort of stuff. She's also the next one-off.


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