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Twenty-Three, or 23, is a Numberblock made up of 23 blocks. He is voiced by Marcel McCalla.


Twenty-Three has 20 light orange blocks and 3 yellow blocks. He has purple eyebrows, blue eyes, pink lips, and orange-ish limbs.


Twenty-Three is often happy being himself, and is reluctant to rearrange in his compound debut for this reason. He enjoys and does not mind not being able to make any rectangular arrays besides his prime positions, and is content with the fact that prime numbers like him are unable to do so. He also seems happy to be a prime number and kind of introduces the concept in Club Picnic.



Twenty-Three is happy being two tens and three. That is his only (figured-out) arrangement seen in the show. (The others are from apps and magazines)

2D (26/1,344,372,335,524)

Figured-Out (6)
Compound Only (20)



  • Twenty-Three is the first prime number greater than 20 to be figured out, proving Prime Compounds CAN be figured out (except for all prime numbers less than 20 which was probably figured-out off screen?[clarify]).
  • Twenty-Three is the 9th prime number, and the only prime Numberblock to be figured-out in Season 7.
  • As of Season 8, Twenty-Three is the only Numberblock not being a multiple of ten who has only been seen as their "X tens and Y" form. (meaning a multiple of ten arranged in columns of ten blocks on the left, then the units digit on the right)
    • Twenty-Three has been seen in different arrangements, but only in apps.
  • Twenty-Three was almost the third character figured out in Twenty-One and on. However, he was not figured out until How Rectangly!, most likely due to the short length of episodes.
  • Twenty-Three's last episode appearance is Club Picnic, which means he currently has the longest "absence to present" out of all real Numberblocks.
  • The Numberblocks Twitter replied to a user's comment on every female character in Numberblocks saying that 23 identifies as female. This is most likely a simple mistake.
    • Which is. The original comment of the user was 24. It was a typo.