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I’m agent Twenty-Six.

— Twenty-Six, Hidden Talents

Twenty-Six, or 26, is a Numberblock made of 26 blocks.

He is voiced by David Holt.


Twenty-Six has twenty orange-bordered apricot blocks and six indigo blocks, he has a black bowler hat, glasses, and a tie. He has pink lips, purple thick eyebrows, and dark red eyes. Notably, his arms are stylized that look like his six block is his "uniform" with "sleeves", with it ending in apricot, with white in-between.


Little is known about Twenty-Six's personality. Thus, all we know about Twenty-Six is that he is an agent good at finding hidden numbers; number bonds and number teams.

Episode Appearances


Agent Twenty-Six is usually seen as a 4x6 rectangle with a two on top. He can also make a bunch of other shapes out of all.

2D (14/79,992,676,367,108)

Figured-Out (5)
Compound Only (9)



  • Contrary to popular belief, Twenty-Six's design is not based on language or the alphabet.
    • The reason of this was probably that Numberblocks is multi-language and other languages have more or less than 26 letters.
    • However, one can infer his personality is based off of variables, because according to Fifteen, he's good at finding hidden numbers, and variables are usually letters from the basic alphabet.
    • Even though it's not his main trait, he does say he's the number of letters in the alphabet in Making Friends (a Numberblocks-Alphablocks crossover).
  • His glasses didn't prop up when he said "Flingty-Bun", which was temporarily his name during What If?. This might be an indicator that someone has to say his real name for him to split in half.
  • He is the first Numberblock to get figured out without the direct help of Twenty-One. He got figured out with the help of Fifteen instead.
  • Twenty-Six is the first numberblock to have Nine's eyebrow model besides Nine himself, the second being Sixty-Four, and the third being Ninety.