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I’m Twenty-Seven, and I’m a cube!, Three, by three, by three, WHEE!!!

— Twenty-Seven, Making Patterns

Twenty-Seven, or 27, is a Numberblock made up of 27 blocks.

She is voiced by Emma Tate.


27 has twenty orange blocks and 7 blocks falling in the color of a rainbow. She has purple eyes and limbs with pink mouth.

When in a cube arrangement, the red block is usually at the top, the orange is at the left side, the yellow is at the front, the green is at the back, the blue/cyan is at the right, the indigo is at the bottom, and the violet block is at the center.

Starting with Now in 3D, after having been thrown onto the Dimension-ator's controls by Octonaughty, Twenty-Seven now wears a purple mask with a yellow cube symbol above to symbolize she's a cube number. When she's not in a cube shape, she doesn't always have her mask on.

Episode Appearances

    • Total: 7 (figured-out) 2 (compound)



  • 27 is 3 cubed, and the 6th figured-out cube number to be introduced in the series, the first four being One, Eight, One Thousand, One Million, and Sixty-Four.
    • Twenty-Seven is the 4th number to be shown in cube form, and the second to say the word "cube". The first was one.
    • Twenty-Seven is the first multiple of 9 who is female, with the second being 45, and the only as of all characters introduced in Seasons 1-7.
  • Only counting her main arrangement (3x3x3), she is the shortest of all Numberblocks above Ten in terms of height, while the longest in terms of depth.
  • 27 has the same face style and size as 23, but without the eyebrows.
    • This means 27 is technically a smolface when she has her mask off.