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Twenty-One and On is an episode of Season 6 of Numberblocks.


Twenty and chums find out what happens if you go past bus stop 20.



  • This episode has confirmed that contrary to popular belief, Numberblocks will, in fact, EXCEED Twenty.
  • This also confirmed that while Twenty-One's design isn't official, the compound Numberblocks DO exist

Comment Overflow

When the episode was uploaded onto YouTube by "Autism Belton", "Arifmetix" and a few other people, many fans began to spam comments relating to a very popular Numberblocks Youtuber, J W, who uses a blue One (formerly J) as his avatar. This is because the episode had one scene where Twenty-Two splits into a red and blue pair of Elevens, who split into 11 blue and 11 red ones. The blue ones bare a striking resemblance to J W's character, which is the reason behind the overflow.