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Twenty-One, or 21, is a character that is made of 21 blocks. She is voiced by Emma Tate.


Twenty-One originally appeared as literally "Twenty+One". Most fans argued that it wasn't official. This theory was correct. Twenty-One wears camping luggage and a green tyrolean hat with three rainbow coloured "feathers", because she is 3x7. She wears a stepmask because she is the 6th step squad, and two boots, apricot and red.

Episode Appearances

    • Total: 15 (figured-out) 4 (compound)


Number Explorer Twenty-One is the smallest number that first appeared as a compound. She is usually seen as 3x7 or a staircase shape with six steps.

2D (52/88,983,512,783)

Figured-Out (43)
Compound Only (9)

Fanmade Designs

TSRITW's design is a skeleton.

Arifmetix's design is swamp green with dark green lips, limbs and teardrop eyes. He is called Camoblock (camouflage) and can make a rainbow transformation to surprise his friends.

MDZ’s design is rainbow and 3 blocks wide (7x3).

Tungster's design has orange limbs and orange goggles.

Mr. Yokai's design is a robot who has many robotic uses. Mainly robot vision and bringing out ball launchers.

thatninjaw's design is a 3 x 7 rectangle, but with a red block on the third h\wide block.


Twenty and One

  • 21 was the first Numberblock to have more than two eyes and one mouth.
    • They were also the first Numberblock to have two faces.
  • The fact that the 21 in "I Can Count to Twenty" is just 20 and 1 conjoined reflects how the Alphablocks form digraphs and trigraphs in their show (For example: Q conjoins herself with U to form the digraph "qu"; H, with C, S, and T, form "ch", "sh", and "th" respectively; I, G, and H form the trigraph "igh"; two O's coinjoin with each other to form "oo", etc.).

Twenty-One's own character

  • Twenty-One is the first Numberblock to exceed Twenty.
  • She is the second character to have a permanent step squad mask. The first being Fifteen.
    • One, Three, Six and Ten had step squad masks in Step Squads, but they weren't permanent.
  • Twenty-One is the first multiple of 7 to be female. The 2nd is Twenty-Eight, and the third one is Forty-Nine.