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"Wait, I know what this gallery needs: your art!"Seventeen
This gallery is dedicated to fanart of Numberblocks. None of the pictures are official unless otherwise noted.

Fanmade Designs

Arifmetix's design of Twenty-Nine is seafoam green with light purple limbs and lips, and squinting happy eyes.

Lizzy The Tiger's design of Twenty-Nine has 20 orange blocks and 9 gray blocks is shaped like a tiger with 3 blocks wide. 29 has 2 blocks on top resembling tiger ears. She has orange arms and legs. She is also known as Tigerblock.

Animaljamrock123's twenty nine is an nocturnal angel who represents as a sign of peace. She has 20 tan blocks with orange border and nine blocks with 3 different shade of gray. She has blue limbs, eyes with a single eyebrow and mouth with 2 pink heart painted around the eyes.She has a yellow glowing halo and white angel wings. She is more calmer than any other Numberblocks and loves to meditate. Since she is active at night, when Thirty finishes reading the story, she doesn't fall asleep.

Fruitloop314's Twenty-Nine is a compound number and a wizard.

DanvilleGeorge's Twenty-Nine is also known as Leoblock. He wears a copper crown because 29 is the atomic number for copper.

TSRITW's first design of Twenty-Nine likes leaping and has a frog raincoat.

TSRITW's second design of Twenty-Nine likes rainy days and frogs (too), because of "leap days" (29th of February).

ThatGuy30722's pre-Season 7 design of Twenty-Nine loves to collect rare things. He is afraid of rectangles, as he's the next prime number.

ThatGuy30722's post-Season 7, pre-Season 8 design of Twenty-Nine loves prime numbers, and wonders about bigger primes. His introduction will involve getting the prime numbers together, and will introduce the term "prime numbers".

Bowdylee25’s design of Twenty-Nine he like to boggy around. He dances on the dance floor.

Basketball Tpot’s desing Twenty Nine he likes music, he's likes crazy shapes too. he's the 10th prime number.

Gabriel Pennington's design of twenty-nine likes to hop. he keeps getting called a bunny which annoys him. his favorite day is Leap Day. He has blue limbs. purple eyes. and often depicted as the second nineteen.

Dortida's design is a prime neon racer (29 in argam is neve as named after neon) who is a prime number that can makes 12 rectangles... with a one off. Their former design is female and pretty.

Ummwhatdoicallmyself’s design shows that 29 is frightened oftenly,and has zig-zag eyebrows like 25.29’s main arrangement is 5(4 of them)blocks down and 3(3 of them) blocks down.

Thirty-two's 29 is not official. And don’t even think of starting up with this EVER AGAIN.

Angrycreeper123's 29 is a numberblock that likes to trampoline and jump high into the sky (based on leap days).

Nara Sherko's 29 is a dancer that likes to dance every day and night.

Seth002's 29 is a bunny lover.

WhiteWasTheImpostor's 2nd Twenty-Nine is an arabic numberblock who shares his arabic powers to his friends.

WhiteWasTheImpostor's 3rd Twenty-Nine has an orange hat with three stars and is a pretty good dancer like Twenty, and allergic to pollen.

Dariber's Twenty-Nine is a robot whose voice is like Bender's.

Nara Sherko's 2nd 29 is an Among Us player.

Joel Nadeak’s 11th 29 is a fan of the team factor.

PleaseDontChatWithMe12's Twenty-Nine is a crazy shape maker, like Official Nineteen! Link to he's episode:

StarrySerenity4750's Twenty-Nine is a music lover, who admires the others' songs and he can also make some music if important, but he actually has a phobia of bunnies.

Lola Rose's 29 is a tigress.

Fanmade Designs