Twenty-Nine is an upcoming Numberblock made of 29 blocks.

Prototype Designs

Arifmetix's design of Twenty-Nine is seafoam green with light purple limbs and lips, and eyes of an unknown shape.

Lizzy The Tiger's design of Twenty-Nine has 20 orange blocks and 9 gray blocks is shaped like a tiger with 3 blocks wide. 29 has 2 blocks on top resembling tiger ears. She has orange arms and legs. She is also known as Tigerblock.

Animaljamrock123's twenty nine is an nocturnal angel who represents as a sign of peace. She has 20 tan blocks with orange border and nine blocks with 3 different shade of gray. She has blue limbs, eyes with a single eyebrow and mouth with 2 pink heart painted around the eyes.She has a yellow glowing halo and white angel wings. She is more calmer than any other Numberblocks and loves to meditate. Since she is active at night, when Thirty finishes reading the story, she doesn't fall asleep.

Fruitloop314's Twenty-Nine is a compound number and a wizard.

DanvilleGeorge's Twenty-Nine is also known as Leoblock. He wears a copper crown because 29 is the atomic number for copper.


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