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I'm Twenty-Four, and I'm a super-duper rectangle.

— Twenty-Four, How Rectangly!

Twenty-Four, or 24, is a Numberblock made up of 24 blocks. She is voiced by Emma Tate.


Twenty-Four has 20 apricot blocks with orange borders and 4 lime green blocks, steel blue rectangle eyes, eyebrows and limbs, a purple mouth, and green pants.


  • She is a "super duper rectangle", having more factors than Eighteen and Twelve. She is ready for everything; she can do anything all day and night.
  • Because there are 24 hours in a whole day, she holds two sticks that represent the sun and moon like there are 12 hours in a day, and 12 hours in a night.

Episode Appearances


Super-Duper rectangle Twenty-Four can make different rectangular arrays: vertical, 2x12, 3x8, 4x6, 6x4, 8x3, 12x2, or horizontal. She can also make a bunch of other shapes.

2D (52/5,239,988,770,268)

Figured-Out (32)
Compound Only (20)

3D (1)



  • Twenty-Four is the first Numberblock to be figured-out in Season 7.
  • Twenty-Four is the first Numberblock to be a multiple of a super rectangle.
  • Twenty-Four has eight divisors, the most out of all numbers below Thirty.
  • Twenty-Four is one of the five Numberblocks whose main arrangement is a rectangle but not their "squarest" one (in 24's case, her main arrangement is 3x8 while her squarest rectangle is 4x6), the others being Ten (before Series 4) Twenty, Thirty and Forty.
    • She is the only Numberblock with that trait to not be a multiple of 10.
  • Forty-Two's outline of their eyes are blue too. The reason it's blue is because Forty-Two and Twenty-Four have the same digits when written out in numerical form, just in swapped positions.
  • She is the first figured-out Numberblock to be a different gender than her compound form, as Twenty and Four are both male. The next two are Twenty-Seven, Twenty-Eight, Thirty-Six, Forty-Nine and Fifty-Five.
    • Thirteen could also be considered a case of this, as Ten and Three are female, whereas Thirteen is male. However, Thirteen never had to figure himself out, so he doesn't really count.


  • Super-duper!
  • All day and all night!