24 or Twenty-Four is an undiscovered, compound Numberblock made of 24 blocks.


Prototype Designs

Arifmetix's design of Twenty-Four is 2 shades of green (12x2) with pentagon eyes on the sides of his head and 8 clocks on his body (8x3). He has mint-green lips and limbs.

TSRITW's design is an adventurer. He once got eaten by Big Tum, but then he escaped.

TSRITW's alternate design is a clock maker and time teller. When he is first discovered, he takes off his array display and drops it in favor of a pocket watch.

PBS66Wikia's design is green with an orange border, square eyebrows, and he is 4x6.

Stikbot1992's design is green, white and orange, whose green blocks are in a square and has clock designs on them, and he has the power to time travel, and is known as a time lord.

AHT's design is white, orange and green. He has two orange ten blocks (not seen in the photo), with a square four block in the middle, like 12. He is 12's brother.

Imnotreal2007's design looks like 12 but 20 orange outlined blocks and 4 green blocks on the inside. their face kind of looks like 12 to, because 24 is 12's sister

Jamil's design of 24 has 20 apricot colored blocks and 4 more green blocks. His hand has a array display which means he is a super rectangle. His head has 2 clocks.

Davidmama1's figured-out design of Twenty-Four is a big Super-Rectangle who loves taking care of the rectangles (especially Eighteen) but she does not want anybody goofing out.

Davidmama1's 2nd figured-out design of Twenty-Four is a an active Super-Rectangle, she can ride the rays 24 hours a day because there are 24 hours in a day, she also has a watch (an Array-Display in a shape of a circle)

ThatGuy30722's design of Twenty-Four is a brilliant professor and inventor. He loves time, and is a time traveler, as there are 24 hours in a day. He's also a super rectangle, and maybe he's 12 and 18's dad, and 36's husband. He is a bit like Alphablock T, and might sound like him.


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